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Monday, September 2, 2013

Up side down world...

In the meantime in an "alternate Universe":

"Did YOU know that kids in America are forced to sit in class rooms ALL DAY. And if they move around, get exited or make too much noise, they are given DRUGS to keep them quiet. Their main source of exercise is playing VIDEO GAMES, and most of their FOOD IS FAKE and full of DANGEROUS chemicals."

"That is terrible! We should take up "donations" for them" :-)


The Large Format Photography camera is the BEST so far "tool" that I have ever learnt from, it gives YOU the RIGHT perspective of things as HOW they look upside down in the viewfinder and ARE in real life...:-)

Me at my FIRST and BEST Photo Studio in GDL MX in 1989.

Cesar Rubio.

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