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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The REAL Terrorists!

"The REAL Face of Terrorism"

I TOLD YOU Gringos that here on my blog on July of 2012 (Living in Torc New Mexico), then went to Wisconsin and in August on the same year spitted out in YOUR faces, and is on record in a Janesville Wisconsin (Rock County) Court, by the way for the ones that do not know: 

My name as is in my WI drivers license is: Cesar Rubio. DOB :07-26-71, and my DL expired on 07-26-13, and since I NEVER had "papers" oh well I wont get it "alive" again...

Neither YOUR LICENSE of Terrorists and Mafiosos that will expire in May of 2015...

This is my third time SAYING it PUBLICLY....

So what ya gonna do PUSSIES, come and "bombard me"? LOL.

COWARDS do not go to REAL wars and face REAL POWER,  like the one I was undeserved given by the MOST HIGH Jehovah my beloved God!

And since you will only be changing your hypocritical MASK with your satanic New World Order, and CONTINUE to exist as SERPENTS that drag their low lives in dirt, in JULY 10th of 2018 SAYONARA IDIOTS! :-)

My KING of "kings" that are NOTHING to him, NADA, will come with the most POWERFUL Army that this wicked world has ever seen to EXECUTE YOU at Armageddon.

Even the coward of your "god" satan da devil and his army of demoniac spiritual pussies as well, will RUN!

But since serpent do NOT have wings like YOU pigs, YOU will be BRUISED in the HEAD!

"And I shall put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed. He will BRUISED you in the HEAD and you will bruise him in the heel.”-Genesis 3:15.

I was undeserving given the BEST Job for an imperfect man in history of humankind (the very BEST was and still is of MY KING Jesus Christ that I only kneel to and our Father Jehovah God).

That is the only REASON I went to live to "el otro lado", the INFAMOUS Dis-United States of Gringolandia.

I went since 1999 until 2012, when I came back to GDL MX.  

13 YEARS, YOU love that number don't you?

Now YOU know very well that I am NOT a COWARD like YOU, "working" in a DARK CAVE that is The SHIT House in Washington De Caca.

I am HERE waiting for you to grow HUEVOS and come and "get me".

I SEE the pussies the you pay to "escort" me every time I go to the streets (almost daily), plus the neighbors that are espying on me 24/7 since every single place I have lived since then.

That IMPORTANT I am for ya?


Agent 777.

Update 12-30-13:

Update 1-21-14:


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