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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Little Prince...

The Little Prince  is by FAR my favorite book (besides the Bible) since I was a little boy... ;-).

I even have it in audiobook at MY TRUE HOME, where my 2 Beautiful and PURE of HEART TRUE Little Princes live...Mis Muchachitos Hermosos: the really GREAT David & Alexander Rubio! :-)

I LOVE those  two little fellas with ALL MY HEART (con Todo Mi Corazon), more than I love myself believe me...when I tell YOU, I Love U...

I am a little boy too, deep down at heart...

Or WANT to be (I am trying HARD and my BEST believe me...even with all my sins and imperfections as we ALL grown ups that do NOT make sense have...that I have a LOT by the way).


70 years later (1943-2013), and is still and will be FOREVER: PURE GOLD!

El Principito, Armageddon Messenger... ;-)

Update 12-18-13:

The Little ONE!

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