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Sunday, September 15, 2013


Ok enough of "theory", and lets go to PRACTICE.

There is a TON of information about the illuminati puppets of satan and their evil New World Order all over the net.

The ONLY thing I discovered really was the DATE of the start of their attacks...

May of 2014.

I know that you don't believe the Armageddon date just yet (July 10th of 2018) nor the "other stuff" that will follow, but when you start to see how things evolve YOU should will! ;-)

From now on I will concentrate my efforts to DEMONSTRATE that it can be DONE, and what Jehovah and Jesus command us is not too difficult to do, and is for our OWN good and well being.

Here is my new blog:

Armageddon Survival

Gracias. ;-)

Armageddon Messenger.

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