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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Governing Body of JWs.....

These are the FAKE little red riding hoodings, that MIS-"lead" the rest 8 million of FOOLS (like THEM) in the Jehovah Witnesses DIS-organization...and whom of ALL of them takes as "saints" and the "only conduct of Jehovah", the INFAMOUS UN-faithful "slave"...have YOU seen TRUE slaves living la vida loca like them, in that luxury that is Bethel and EVERYWHERE they go like Celebrities & Royalty worldwide?

If they are "saints", then MY enemies (whom they are ALSO a bunch of the pack..) are "jesus", because they are far more GOOD (as they only kill YOU once, whilst these mafioso Pharisees will YOU in FOREVER terms...

They ROB people the HOPE of the resurrection, if they DARE to oppose them (jut like the Popes that they some much CRITICIZE having doing for 2 millenniums no?

But soon they will WAKE up of their "American Dream" (after ALL they LIVE there don't they? WHY they don't choose the POOREST county on earth as their HOME.

Jesus was the poorest KING on Earth wasn't HIM?

They SOON will be "awakened" to their SAD TRUTH and reality into what they DESERVE...a DARK Nightmare as HELL....and BULLETS that carry out the BEST message and is WELL understood in ALL languages, WAY better than the Un-"watch"tower Mag like the INFIEL (unfaithful) tower in Paris...because NO ONE seems to understand WORDS...that NOISE will be the DESPERTADOR buddy-"WISE"rs...

But I AM "Zorrillo" ( I am sorry), to tell ya that these kind of DEAD wont WAKE up again (YOU made that "RULE of thumb" for the "unfaithful" LIKE YOU are in REAL life not in the Fantasyland SUCIEDAD), and ALL the BADNESS of this wicked and corrupt world that YOU "strongly" CONDEMN will come back to HUNT YOU Down...what goes around...will take you to Infinity and BEYOND! ;-) (my beautiful BOYS whom are the ONLY PURE at HEART like ALL children in "the world"...LOVE Buzz LightYEAR...and so DO I).

"Infinity Symbol"

So the next step is to UNCHAIN the WOLVES on them ALL...(Elders, Circuit Overseers & District, Galaad Missionaries, etc...)

Those IDIOTS WONT last a single DAY under persecution believe me, those cartoon characters are unbelievable UNREAL FOOLS and "Stupidos"!

While Me the REAL RED HOOD,of Jehovah God has withstand almost 5 years of fierce satanic persecution and I AM still standing still thanks to HIM!

Oh I "forgot", it "cannot" be JEHOVAH protection, cus I had not been a "good" puppet of these suckers my ENTIRE life (30 years from 1983-2013), listening and OBEYING to mostly INJUSTICES and NONSENSE, or delivering their mostly Disinformation message about the END!

Then satan protects satan and its fighting HIMSELF!

Great, when YOUR fairly tale of Fantasyland ENDS hum?

Oh I KNOW, in May 2014 (Gracias to JEHOVAH that is SUPER very displeased with them, like HE was with the Pharisees in Jesus time as well) , and we will SEE WHO protects your culos from HELL ok?...

If YOU are a Witness and reading this, go ahead YOU are "free" to consult YOUR puppet in chief at your local congregation to see what THEY think of this! So them can ask other puppets and those other puppets ABOVE them and so on and on...

Dint Jesus clearly said : YOU all MUST be the SAME, brothers and sisters ONLY?

Oh but Paul whom is NOTHING (nor me even), or ANY other imperfect prophet of Jehovah before or after Jesus, in comparison said: blah,blah,blah (at their CONVENIENCE they pick the verses to THEIR Advantage no?).

The heck with YOUR brainless HEADS dear bros an sisters, that in the BOOK of directives from "the society" is only good as far goes in regards of EARS (to listen to WHATEVER they SAY Jose...because  they FORBID to listen to any OTHER don't they?

Even if "the enemy" brings YOU a DEATH sentence like this is...

And also they want YOUR mouth to say ONLY: " YES Brothers, what ever YOU say, I mean the "bible" and the "publications"...TANK U, Jehovah MAY "bless you" for being a good puppet (this sounds close to Papa in Spanish-Pope-), I mean "servant" LOL...

No wonder satan is Laughing Out Loud of them ALL, my God!

I heard him, and it was NOT good to hear that believe me...

Please check out YOUR "hero-meter", because it need a TUNE-UP Big Time, and not even that will really do could be, MAY-be a COMPLETE overhaul?

Or better yet a NEW Engine! ;-)


 The Governing "Buddy"... ;-)

#1 The BOSS 

 Gerrit Lösch 

Guy Pierce
DEAD on March 20, 2014 

David Splane

Stephen Lett

 Geoffrey Jackson

Anthony Morris

(Do NOT Follow...)

Update 11-11-14

This IDIOT was OUT of MY Radar...

All with DEATH sentences on their brainless HEADS.....


Armageddon Avenger (AA).

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