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Saturday, August 31, 2013

I see YOUR Smile...

"Even the darkest hour only has 60 minutes"

"I see your smile"

Gloria Estefan

I get a little tongue twisted
Every time I talk to you when I see you
And I'm so glad that you just missed it
The way I stared to memorize your face

To kiss you in my mind
Love you all the time

'Cause when I close my eyes
I still can see your smile
It's bright enough to light my life
Out of my darkest hour

Please believe it's true
When I tell you I love you

I've taken too many chances
Searching for the truth in love that's in my heart
Tell me if I made the wrong advances
Tell me if I've made you feel ashamed

'Cause I know I have to do this
Would you hold my hand right through it?

'Cause when I close my eyes
I still can see your smile
It's bright enough to light my life
Out of my darkest hour

Please believe it's true
When I tell you I love you

I had to let you know just what would happen
Yes I had to let you know the truth
I know I've got to do this
Would you hold my hand right through it? Would you?

'Cause when I close my eyes
I still can see your smile
It's bright enough to light my life
Out of my darkest hour

'Cause when I close my eyes
I still can see your smile
It's bright enough to light my life
Out of my darkest hour

You know now this is true
When I tell you I love you


ALWAYS, Cesar Rubio.

SMILE! :-)

"If YOU don't have a smile, I will give you one of MINE!" :-)

The GREAT Rubio's...

Update 1-31-14:

Friday, August 30, 2013

House of CARDS!

Tonight I started watching on Netflix the internet series House of Cards...

After a Mexican TV news and presenter (Adela), said its GREAT this afternoon...and if SHE say it is, it must be so! :-)

I like Kevin Spacey since American Beauty (1999), and Robin Wright since Message in a Bottle (also 1999), and if THEY put their NAMES and Faces into this...then is worth a look man!

7 minutes into it, and I am SOLD!

YOU will find soon enough WHY I call SHIT House the "white house", which is located in satans Numero Uno city in this freaking evil satanic world: Washington De Caca (of SHIT-in Spanish-).

Make SURE who the Real Villains and Heroes are please...

YOU wont regret it believe me.


Update 11:54 PM:

44 minutes into the first chapter: Fantastically GREAT...I KNEW it!

ALWAYS trust YOUR "gut", it NEVER fails believe me! :-)


Update 3:10 minutes before the END:

GENIUS: "a girl" SHITTING on em ALL! LOL...

My GOOD God (Jehovah the Almighty), GRACIAS cus there are still people with BRAINS in this world full of FOOLS! :-)


Forgot...: "Christmas in JULY!"

Amazingly EXECUTED!  



Fit in...

"If YOU don't fit in, then you are probably doing the RIGHT thing!"

“Go in through the narrow gate; because broad and spacious is the road leading off into destruction, and many are the ones going in through it; whereas narrow is the gate and cramped the road leading off into life, and few are the ones finding it.-Matthew 7:13-14

AMen! :-)


-Jacob was a liar.
-Moses was a stutterer.
-Gideon was a coward.
-David was an adulterer.
-Rahab was a prostitute.
-Ester was an orphan.
-Balaams donkey was...well, a donkey.

And JEHOVAH GOD used each ONE to impact HIS Kingdom!

-And I am MORE sinful and IMPERFECT than ALL of them put together...and yet I am Armageddon Messenger!


"That ONE" (John 16:12-14).

PS. Jehovah wants full HONESTY and a COMPLETE heart towards HIM, NOT perfection...



"FLESH in the interest of flesh" ( Or skin-Job 2:4) , even the IDIOT coward of satan KNOWS that!

"Justice will NOT be served until those affected who are UNAFFECTED, are as OUTRAGED as those who ARE".-Benjamin Franklin

(I don't care WHO say/said things even if he/she is/was a satan follower, if they are RIGHT they are...)


The RIGHT Way!

"Do NOT follow majority, follow the RIGHT way"

Even though in this image the WRONG way appears as "right", in reality the "alternate" way is the RIGHT ONE!

Nothing is like things are presented and appear to the untrained eye believe me, I KNOW.

Just like images appear in the Large Format Photography cameras, where images are upside down and the right is the left, and the left is the RIGHT!

MY first Studio in Guadalajara Mexico. 1989.

Studio of Mr. H.H Bennett in Wisconsin Dells WI. 2003.

What ya gonna choose?



Are YOU going to CONVERT me into the MOST POWERFUL Justice WARRIOR this world has ever KNOWN like that too, COWARD 666?

NO ONE can kill me, not even your COWARD (that you reflect perfectly) "god" satan da devil.

Only JEHOVAH GOD could do it, and I DON'T THINK that HE wants to that believe me...:-)

Armageddon WARRIOR! (AW)

The Choice is YOURS!

FEAR: has two meanings:

1.-Forget Everything And Run


2.-Face Everything And Rise


This one is very, very HARD to fully understand believe me.

First off, in a WAR there are times when YOU have to pull back and times to ATTACK (Troy 2004).

To KNOW when to do either is where WISDOM comes in...

Jesus ALREADY ordered us to flee to the mountains in Matthew 24:15-16 , when seeing the DISGUSTING THING that is Barack Obama the 666, and oh YES he will CAUSE DESOLATION.

So  is NOT because we are cowards like the ones actually carrying out these ATTACKS, but in the contrary you will need COURAGE to RUN and ABANDON everything you have worked for your ENTIRE life...

Is a TEST for YOU, to see where YOUR heart and shields are, like I already have said this before in this blog.

In merely material things that thief's can STOLE and take away anyways (believe me they will do that no matter what, please picture yourself LYING DEAD and they walking away with your "stuff"), or in Jehovah God and in spiritual things that can not be "seen", and NO ONE can ever stole nor take away from YOU...?

Good ENDING wouldn't you say?

Jehovah is the BEST DIRECTOR of the universe! Alleluia!

Are you going to be like Lots wife that LOOKED back?

Are you going to see the wilderness and TREMBLE? (The Count of Monte Cristo ending...) 

The CHOICE is YOURS, as ALWAYS...:-)

Free will my brothers and sisters, FREE WILL...



"NOT until we are LOST do we BEGIN to find OURSELVES."-Henry David Thoreau

Jehovah God KNOWS this, hence He will PERMIT the things COMING...(John 16:12-14).

Please read this blog in DETAIL, if  YOU want to know exactly the BEAST we are facing here...

And I am "That ONE", with the GREATEST (UNDESERVED by the way...) privilege in human history (besides the one of MY KING Jesus Christ) to TELL YOU those things, so I better WISE UP myself and start going PRACTICAL with things instead of "political" and "religious" NEVER "ending" blah,blah,blah....

USELESS for the MOST part as most people SEE and HEARS what they want to see and hear, and is a WASTE of precious and COUNTED time talking to the already DEAD...(The Sixth Sense movie).

I started to watch the TV series LOST online, to see what I can LEARN from it...

And also I will START going to the "field service" soon, to record and EXPERIMENT in the flesh how it will be like...and I will write my findings here of course, NOT only my blog but also is YOURS the readers of it, by the way thanks for YOUR precious time you also spend reading "my stuff"...:-)

A GOOD "leader" teaches with the EXAMPLE foremost, not with merely empty for the most parts speeches and "talks"...



Kneel to ME Leonidas......because I am a "god-king" and "divine".-king Xerxes (movie 300)

"Received criticism for 'over exaggerating' the extent to which Presidents and aspiring Presidents have to bend over backwards for Israel. Suggested that perhaps the American people should demand such focus and attention for Americans ahead of any other nation and some thought it was utter garbage....

Well, why is it necessary for Every candidate and President to do this? Why do not Israeli Leaders come to America, put a cross around their neck and sing hallelujah in a Mid Town Church!

No other nation would demand this and even if it were demanded, no candidate would oblige....yet, for Israel, they practically fall over themselves to do it....

So tell me am I exaggerating the Israeli Influence? Some still refuse to acknowledge this despite knowing that every Budget for Americans is decreasing while the budget for Israel continues to increase - so Israeli's may buy properties with mortgages subsidised by probably some of the hardest working people on earth - Americans!


-Me Cesar Rubio, ONLY KNEELS to Jehovah God The ONLY TRUE GOD of the Universe, and His Son the KING of "kings", Jesus Christ



Update 4-9-14:

It will PASS...

"There times are HARD, but they WILL PASS".

 "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the former heaven and the former earth had passed away, and the sea is no more. I saw also the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God and prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”-Revelation 21:1-4

Horacito...(Para la MAS Bella Flor, Irma Margarita 2-14-90. RIP)

TE AMO Tia bonita, and I will ALWAYS DO, I don't forget, I NEVER forget...(A.I. 2001)


"The HAPPIEST People don't have the best of everything, they just make the BEST of EVERYTHING!".

Cesar Rubio.

The REAL Truth!

"ONLY 3 types of people ALWAYS tell the TRUTH, KIDS, the Drunk and the Angry"

Tety :-)


"When life changes to be harder..CHANGE YOURSELF to be STRONGER.."



"It is hard to FLY when something is weighing YOU down".



"Difficulties in YOUR life don't come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden POTENTIAL!

Buenos Dias :-)


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Uncontacted Tribes...

See? it CAN be done!

Jehovah God nor Jesus Christ our King would never ORDER us ANYTHING impossible for us to do. (Matthew 24: 15-16).

If this people can survive isolated, the same as these ones, then YOU CAN too, cant YOU?...

Updated Video on 12-28-14:

More photos and videos here.



JEHOVAH The Almighty



"I am smiling NOT because I am stronger than my problems. I am smiling because my GOD (Jehovah) is STRONGER than my problems!".-Mhar & Cesar Rubio.


2 Faces Hypocrites!

This is the country the illuminati puppets of satan, and COWARDS of YOUR "founding fathers" built the foundations for...

"Invades a Country , calls them "extremists" when they DEFEND themselves"

Thanks God NOT all Americans are cowards, I know plenty of GOOD and HONEST people (including my beautiful boys D&A that were born there). 

Alex Jones is in the LEAD for such heroic behavior in a land of the BLIND!

"America: YOUR government is the TERRORIST. The government is a foreign banking compound that is attacking every country: It wants every country enslaved. Then they come in and dominate and have top down integrated systems for an authoritarian command controlled enemy".-Alex Jones


What IF?...

"What IF ALL that you ever KNEW was a LIE?....

The "wise men" were ALL FOOLS! (satan da devil inspired song)

More info here.



This is SO true man!

"Standing ALONE doesn't mean I am alone. It means I am STRONG enough to handle things ALL by MYSELF!"

Armageddon Messenger (AM), and later on Armageddon Warrior (AW).


This is so TRUE, Jehovah God nor his beloved son Jesus Christ are NEITHER stupid nor not caring for people they LOVE, that is WHY THEY will allow what the illuminati puppets and COWARDS of satan are about to do starting in May of 2014 and until May of 2015...

To TEST where YOUR heart and SHIELD material things or in FAITH that they will PROVIDE no matter where you are in the wilderness...

Those lessons CANNOT be "bought" with money nor with WORDS.

Only with SWEAT and TRUE "suffering", that is NOT such thing really, it will be actually FREEDOM...but some people see that as suffering...

You cannot make EVERYONE happy can YOU?

"Sometimes hurt is NEEDED to make us GROW. Failure needed to makes us KNOW. LOSS is needed to make us gain. Because some lessons are best when learnt through PAIN."


Update 9:43 PM:

Like body builders at the gym say: NO Pain, NO GAIN! :-)


Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 Most IMPORTANT in Life: Jehovah God

Most Beautiful Attire: Smile

Great Asset?: Faith

Most Powerful Force?: LOVE


"Extraterrestrial Alliens"...

I was not aware of Mr. Milton William Copper until now...

See? You don't need to be a "psychic" to DISCOVER the puppets of satan (the Illuminati GARBAGE Elite) plots BEFORE hand...just do RESEARCH work!

Just like I have been doing for the past 18 months or so!

His Wikipedia page also mentions that he warned of multiple global conspiracies, some involving extraterrestrial aliens...

He was RIGHT too!

SAME as I have discovered in how they will massacre 13 out of 14 human beings between May of 2014 and May of 2015!

Do YOUR own Homework...if you LOVE life and want to survive "the things COMING" that is...

That ONE, Me Armageddon Messenger.

WHO and what are the Illuminati/cult?

Later on my comments on this one...

In the land of the BLIND, a one eye man is "king"....TRUE.

1999...that YEAR I went to live to the USA, to get the BEAST out trough his puppets in Hollywood.

I started my 3-D Cinemas Machine Vision Cameras project in 2006, and the both arrogant of James Cameron and Jim Jannard BITE the bait right away, ME...both Illuminati GARBAGE.

Besides Steve Schklair from 3Ality (I think Jannard will EXECUTE him because he OWES his soul to him...), and obviously he is going to "execute me" on LOVES day 2014, February 14.

That date was when Guadalajara Mexico was founded (I was born there and live there now again), and also it will be 24 EXACT years from the date I challenged satan da devil, at my beautiful aunt Irma Margarita burial at the BIGGEST cemetery of the city...

Those are my 3 MAIN enemies, all part of The Triangle chapter.

The other 2 people in the "Bermuda Triangle", besides Obama the 666, are 2 mafia bosses hired by the former to execute me, first it was the Chicago "Padrino" or "El Zorro": Adolfo Vega, and when he FAILED, the "job" was passed to El Chapo Guzman from the Sinaloa Cartel (he runs the Guadalajara La Nueva Generacion wing).

The Mexican Mafia in L.A. could NOT touch me either, so I will give them a "break" for now...

YOU should have done your HOMEWORK with me first ""buddies", but what can you expect from IDIOTS in the Mafia biz hum?

Cesar Rubio. ("The GREAT One", like the Chicago mafia nicknamed me...)

Update 3:23 PM:

The Los Angeles Riots were FABRICATED on May 1st...

The Twin Towers Illuminati attack was done in 2001, combine both and we have:

May plus 13 YEARS is: May of 2014!

This "simple" car plates ANNOUNCE the ATTACK against Christianity worldwide before hand!

I AM ready for it!


Armageddon WARRIOR!

The 666 photo album......

YOU still think I am "wrong" about Obama being the 666?

Look as these pics, here are way MORE.

I did NOT make any of those, and I am a Pro Photographer and own several photo editing software suites, I could have easily done any of those or others even better....

But this in not a photo editing "art contest", so I don't care who made them, they are RIGHT on the money Sir! :-)


And these are UNEDITED...maybe even the one of kissing BUTT, I mean "Bud". LOL!

They are CLEAR PROOF that he is a satanic Mason-Illuminati (look at the hand shake salute with the other "comrade" Illuminati , the COWARD-ALL of then are- of Bush Caca-Shit in Spanish- like some one I know calls them :-)

"Love you BUTT, I mean bud..." :-)

I don't even want to put my NAME on this DISGUSTING THING (Matthew 24:15. Jesus was RIGHT, he is!).

Update 11-3-13:

LOL... ;-)

Update 4-7-14:

In JEHOVAH God I TRUST-LOL-777 (Exp of satan system): July 10th 2018