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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Promised Land...

Have YOU seen the Promised Land movie?

I have just finished watching it...

Wow, that is exactly what IS happening not only in the FAKE "promised land", the "god bless America" DIS-United States of America...and NOT only in that industry portrayed in the movie (natural gas companies and FARMING) but ALL industries...NO exceptions.

The solution?

Mass worldwide "depopulation"...MURDER of 6.5 BILLION human beings!

"GREAT", why I did NOT think of that before?...

Because I am NOT with the "global" Illumi-CRAP, I mean Illumi-Corp of satanists!

What is YOUR price?

Mine NONE.

Do you think I am the ONLY one that KNOWS about this evil plan?

Nope, I was not even aware of it last year...probably like you hum?

Then how come I know NOW?

Probably because I have the "connections" that Johnny Depp has...or the MONEY?...

You should see my Volkswagen Beetle 1995 I am driving! :-)

Nor the likes of Brad Pitt who SAID in 2011 that he would quit acting in 3 years time, 2014!

Do they KNOW something "we don't"?...

Nope, same thing as me it seems and that is because Jehovah WANT us to KNOW now...and ACT upon that information!

Home many DAYS until May of 2014?...count them please.

These evil doers since they KNOW now is not like satan told them "it would be" "eternal satanic New World Order"..they may want to make a SUICIDAL act...typical of COWARDS like them...wouldn't YOU agree?...

So instead of GIVING YOU one more year until May of 2015 to "wise up"...they may want to RUSH it ALL for May 2014!

How about that, nice and an act of "gentlemen"?...these SERPENTS are WORSE than animals...they don't have DIGNITY whatsoever...

So what are YOU afraid of for SPEAKING out and FIGHT them?

Of dying?...WE are already one year of 50 years, whats the difference?...

If you want to really LIVE, FIGHT for YOUR life and the ones you LOVE...NO ONE will do it for YOU...

Jehovah wants COURAGEOUS people...the COWARDS already belong to the "other little guy"...satan da devil.

What SIDE are YOU in?

Not only SAY IT, PROVE IT too!


Monday, July 29, 2013


FEAR Has TWO Meanings:











Dont get this wrong...YOU will have to RUN too...when the times comes for that.

But for NOW you have to RISE and HELP me to spread the SALVATION Message...I CAN NOT do it ALL ALONE!

There is time to RETREAT and to ATTACK!

Now is the latest!

FULL head on attack against satan and his puppets!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Are YOU Ready?...

To RUN to the Mountains:

“Therefore, when ​YOU​ catch sight of the disgusting thing (Obama the 666) that causes DESOLATION, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet (Daniel chapter 8), standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,) then let those in Ju‧de′a (the WHOLE world) begin fleeing to the MOUNTAINS.-Matthew 24:15-16

Watch this HOAX extraterrestrial satanic propaganda:

So once more: Are you READY to OBEY Jesus Christ ORDERS, or the governments puppets of satan to EXTERMINATE YOU?

Don't think TWICE, think it a LOT!



Do you think that the puppets you send me SCARE me?

I see them and I PITY them...poor IDIOTS!

Do you tell them WHO am I?

Of course NOT, they are NOT that STUPID like YOU...if they KNEW WHO I AM, they would piss on their pants and RUN the OPPOSITE direction!

I am going to put it the SIMPLEST you can get, because it seems you "don't get" it...that RETARDED YOU are...

Two nights ago your STUPID "god" satan da devil himself came in the middle of the night to pay me a visit...

I am still here LAUGHING.

Even if you send 1000 US Marines I would laugh of them ALL!

GOT IT? :-)



My God, I think I am in the "transition" period now between a human being and a spiritual one...

I just had a very WEIRD Vision where I was given that Sword "of Fire", I have been talking about that Jehovah God is going to give me (the one I ASKED for in 1990 to use it mainly in satan...but before in his puppets it seems...).

Man is NOT of fire since is INVISIBLE (figuratively is of Fire since it can DESTROY anything)...and I did a quick tests with it....WOW!


It can CUT OFF anything, ANYTHING!




(like my Alex the LION Hermoso says...he is a KNIGHT & David a Little PRINCE!! ;-))



(7 UP was my favorite soda as a KID!)

RED & GREEN are my favorite colors Baby! ;-)

 What GOES Around........COMES AROUND!

It scares me really...since GREAT POWER requires GREAT RESPONSIBILITY in WHEN and HOW to USE it...

I don't really know if I am going to be given "special" training in the "other side" for this...but it seems NOT.

It may be a "transitional" period like in the 1990 movie Ghost...

What was the train station number where Patrick Swayze learns how to Kick A$$, I mean stuff? :-) (Chapter 7, SEVEN!)

I AM 42 NOW, and READY!

There is a LOT of stuff we DON'T really KNOW nor understand....and we THINK we "know everything".


Armageddon Avenger (AA).

Update 8-16-13:

"The only TRUE wisdom is knowing YOU know NOTHING!"-Socrates


Update 12-12-13:

The ONE, the True LIGHT Tower! ;-)

Update 12-25-13:

The Brave ONE

From Mexican Lotería.

Card 12

Por qué le corres cobarde, trayendo tan buen puñal .

Why do you run from him, coward? Having such a good dagger .

I was 12 years old back in 1983, the FIRST time satan da devil appeared to me.

And I SURVIVED Big time Baby! ;-) (SOME die of a heart attack...)

And will ALWAYS do, I am IMMORTAL...and he is sentenced to DIE!

Who WINS at the END?


Leave the USA!...

YOU should do this...if you are SMART!

Believe me, NO ONE messes with the Chinese!

All is ALREADY "arranged" and set up by the illuminati puppets of satan, to make real their satanic New World Order.

Is like an evil chess game where they have all the KEY pieces in place ALL over the world, to make World Wide checkmate!

And they WILL.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Murderer Illuminati COWARDS!

Just watch this video..and THINK if it was YOU "the one biting the dust"...

More info here.

WHOM do YOU think OWNS and Controls Monsanto?

The Illuminati Garbage Elite (IGE), WHO else?

These bastards OWN half of the world by now...and obviously the MOST lucrative businesses.

They like GOLD, is the "cheese" satan puts to TRAP RATS like them!

Do you think that there is "NO punishment", for these despicable CRIMES they commit every single day ALL over the world in one way or another?...

You have to be NUTS to believe that!

Time is running out to start CUTTING OFF some PIGS heads!


A FULL documentary about these Genetically Engineered Illuminati Garbage :-)


Update 1:06 AM CST:

These illuminati IDIOTS are Genetically Modified ORGANISMS (GMOs), like I already said about the illuminati devil on the flesh here.

Imagine HOW sick these suckers are...when confronted the Henry Kissinger GARBAGE, that is their current "priest" of ALL of these demon illuminati puppets, he calls people: "you are a sick person"....well at least they are PERSONS not like YOU demonic organism! lol

Searching for the video...

Here calling people "self serving COWARD!"- My God do you have a MIRROR in your TOMB Tutankhamun junior?

How old are you, 666 dark years?

The Bible is RIGHT, there are "men" than can be 100 years old and still be IDIOTS! :-)

Here you can see HOW DIFFICULT is to get to these Living DEAD Zombies, that have DOGS watching their spinal cords at all times...

My hats off to these guys and to ALL other COURAGEOUS people doing this HARD work...someone has to REALLY FIGHT satan and his puppets right?

You can temporary "beat" us, but we wont go QUIET nor without a FIGHT either morons!


Update 8-6-13:

The 666 puppet of satan and of the illuminati "elite" garbage...

"Regards" the Agent 777, me AM! :-)

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Song of Simplicity-Elijah Bossenbroek

El Primer Lugar-Banda El Limon

I was listening to this song over the radio last Sunday...while I was drinking my 7 Indio Beers...

You know what? Those beers have a Mexican warrior with a SPEAR!:


My favorite beer, they taste better than Coronas!

NOTHING is a "coincidence" in MY Life...anything!

La Cosa es BUSCARLE! :-)

"El Primer Lugar"

Soy aveces caprichoso, loco, terco y orgulloso 
soy aveces cariñoso, tierno cursi y amoroso. 

no soy el bueno del cuento, pero tengo 
sentimientos en algo soy el primero 
yo soy el que mas te quiero

tengo el primer lugar para 
cuidarte, amarte y complacerte 
el primer lugar quien da la vida por tenerte 
quien sufre por no verte. 

soy el primer lugar 
puedo fallar pero al final yo tengo siempre 
el primer lugar 
por que para eso de quererte irremediablemente 
soy el numero uno. 

no soy el bueno del cuento 
pero tengo sentimientos en algo 
soy el primero 
yo soy el que mas te quiero 

tengo el primer lugar 
para cuidarte amarte y complacerte 
el primer lugar quien da la vida por tenerte 
quien sufre por no verte. 

soy el primer lugar 
puedo fallar pero al final yo tengo siempre 
el primer lugar 
por que para eso de quererte irremediablemente 
soy el numero uno. 

Soy el NUMERO UNO.......

Cesar Rubio.

Tree of LIFE!

Want to KNOW where is the MOST important Illuminati-Mason satanic monument in the world?

Maybe is hidden somewhere in the center of the earth? The Antarctic...that COLD you are...

Or maybe in Egypt where the obelisks were “invented”?

They mean the erect “penis” of the false “god” Osiris...satan himself by the way...put my Indio BEERS there please, since you are still SUPER COLD! :-)

The Vatican, Washington D.C. itself? Wisconsin winter COLD

The 2 Luxor Obelisks in Paris MAY-be?

Close but NO cigar...

You are getting NEAR the tropic weather...but not quite there yet!

Come on buddy spit it OUT since my Buddy-wisers are MELTING of WARM! :-)

Alright here it goes:

Here it is: Parque Solidaridad, in Guadalajara Mexico!


Give me MY money back, this is a HOAX! Lol...

Hold on your horses buddy and SIT ON! TIGHT.

There was upon a TIME...lets make it Disney “MAKE believe” crap for SPECIAL effects and popularity shall we?

NAH, NOBODY believes in Santa Claus and Fairy tales anymore!

Ok enough of Bulls Disgusting Stuff...BS!

1977, I was 6 years old. 35 years will be 36 years by the time I finish and publish this.

The COWARD of satan FIRST murder attempt on me...sucker!

I have already written a few times about this “incident” also briefly explained here too.

But that does NOT matter now, since I am STILL HERE, am I not?

What it does though is the Greater significance of this place...

I went there last Sunday after all this time last...the place looks different from the one in 77...

For starters is a PARK now...before was a Dangerous Dam...Damn Man!

Most people know very little of the countless INNOCENT young lives that were lost there in the hands of satan...mostly “curious” boys that ended drowned there...

Believe me when I tell you that satan was PRESENT there in those DARK days...the lions mouth itself!

He is still...but in disguise of course like ALL cowards are before committing their despicable crimes.

Now you see kids accompanied with their families, and everybody very happy enjoying a good time and all the nice ATTRACTIONS there today...

Its almost sub-real...

I walked there ALONE this time, with NO cameras even...don’t need them. Those images when I was 6 are still FRESH in my mind like if they happened yesterday...

I sat watching the place that now is almost DRY...

I saw a young boy accompanied by a teenager, that EASILY crossed the Dam that I could NOT cross back in the day...he did NOT looked afraid at all...and I asked him when he passed by me:

How old are YOU?

He said :7.

I told him that I almost died drowned there when I was 6 years old...

He put a face like WHAT? How can that be possible?

Well NOT today, but in those days...

Anyhoo like Wreck it Ralph says :-)

Look at these pictures I retrieved online of that satanic monument that is in the park today...

This is the VIEW that the Illuminati-Mason of Benito Juarez statue gets of it...


See the 3 Obelisks, 5 satanic stars that holds them together?.....

The place is surrounded by 21 flag masts...7 times 3.

You can see them partially here: (some time in the weekend, I will go to take MY own pics...after all I am a Photographer! ;-)

And two rounded corridors surround the whole thing ala Rome-Greece style...

I WILL tear down that satanic monument in the flesh or in spirit when the TIME comes for if you work for the Minority Report Agency Jail me NOW! :-)

Of course that today that is impossible to do since the “god” of this wicked world protects it...satan himself. And his puppets now will too since “out of the blue” NOW it became “important” all of the sudden...

But WHY revenge from and uncommitted crime?

It was a TRYING and a GOOD one at that too...he does NOT mess around with these things.

And if it was NOT by Jehovah’s HELP and Protection, I would not be writing this today...

And it will be in the HONOR and Memory of the dozens if not hundredths of my young BROTHERS and SISTERS that DIED there...

When they will RESURRECT, and they WILL, ALL of them, they will make the best monument in the New World of Justice and LIFE...that will be repeated in the entire Earth...a Picture of them all together planting a TREE of LIFE!

The ONLY thing I may leave intact is this message in a wall there:

“En buen tiempo vinimos a vivir, hemos venido en tiempo Primaveral! Instante brevisimo, oh amigos. Aun asi tan breve, que se VIVA!-Nezahualcoyotl.

 In a good time we came to live, in a Spring time! (Guadalajara Mexico is known as the ETERNAL Spring city).

Brief instant, oh friends. And even so, it may LIVE!- Nezahualcoyotl.

And YES of course that I CRIED when looking at Ground Cero...I am not a heartless cold blooded satanic follower...


Update 9-24-13: 

Cesar Rubio, the IMMORTAL!

Cesar Rubio, The Fearless & True LIGHT!

Update 10-25-13:

Update 12-12-13:

Update 12-13-13:

Update 12-25-13:

10-El Arbol, The Tree 

El que a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija.

He who nears a good tree, good shade blankets him.

Update 12-26-13:

Update 12-28-13:

The Tree of Life and Teh Prophet (Me, The ONE! of Coors Beer!).

Guadalajara Symbol, a Tree with 2 Lions!

The Tree of Life, and MY Two Beautiful Sons D&A Rubio! ;-)

Update 1-5-14:

Update 1-16-14:

Update 2-3-14:

Update 2-7-14:

Update 2-11-14:

Pi’s Ark...

Update February 14, 2014: (24 Years from...THIS

Women: the CONCEIVERS of ALL Human LIFE!

Update 2-17-14:

ME: The Courageous ONE...

Update 7-10-14:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A walk in the Park...

YOU don't have an IDEA what this park REALLY means...tomorrow I will tell MY Birthday present! :-)

YES I celebrate those NOW. 

After 30 years of brain washing of the Governing Body of JWs that they say are "bad"...

Are "Anniversaries" ANY different than Birthdays?

Didn't Job, probably the MOST JUST imperfect man that has ever existed, CELEBRATED Parties in the DAYS of their sons and daughters?...

A Birthday is a WINING date of VICTORY to be celebrated over DEATH, and over satan the most despicable COWARD and mass murderer of humankind...

Is a PERFECT DAY to tell JEHOVAH: THANK YOU MY LOVING GOD for keeping me ALIVE one more YEAR!

YES tomorrow I will be ALIVE.

And the NEXT day, and the next one...thus for an ETERNITY! (A.I. 2001 Movie, which happens to be MY Favorite of ALL time!)

I am IMMORTAL now. (A GIFT from HIM to Me...)


8 "simple" letters...

You Illuminati  COWARDS and puppets of satan, have enough money or weapons to BUY that?

I dint think so! :-)

Once more: 

El que Rie al ULTIMO, Rie MEJOR



Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The 666 Secret Book...

The cowards Illuminati of George W. Bush last message to the 44th USA President (4+4=8) Barack Obama...:

You are the 666 Illuminati Antichrist buddy!

Way to GO!



Update 9:21 AM:

A last thought from the final part of the documentary: Told ya, Information is POWER!

Want to get really POWERFUL? Do NOT go to the gym nor try to be "rich" money wise...STUDY! :-)


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Illuminati Bilderberg Group

Updated video on 12-25-14:

Later my comments on this one...

Ok here it goes...its EASY to Lead SHEEP...a WOMAN said it not me...

My God women are MORE INTUITIVE than men!

We are "the head" and they are the NECK! :-)

The rest its self are NOT in kindergarten are YOU?


Silence is TREASON!

The whole Quesadilla here, the Illuminati puppets, their satanic New World Order and the 666 Antichrist Obama...Silence and INACTIVITY (to not FIGHT against these clowns) is TREASON!

Think, Speak up YOUR mind and ACT Twice!


Its a Heartache-Bonnie Tyler

"It's a heartache"

It's a heartache
Nothing but a heartache
Hits you when it's too late
Hits you when you're down

It's a FOOLS Game
Nothing but a fools game 
Standing in the cold rain
Feeling like a clown

It's a heartache
Nothing but a heartache
Love him til your arms break
Then he lets you down

It ain't right with love to share
When you find he doesn't care for you
It ain't wise to need someone
As much as I depended on you


It's a fool's game
Nothing but a fools game 
Standing in the cold rain
Feeling like a clown



The PLAN...

MY Name: Horacio.

Means: "Keeper of the HOURS, TIME Keeper"... 

Update on January 10th of 2016: 

(The 12th Update and 14th Try & FINAL Date for 2016...)

Collapse of the World Economy (and hence the USA as well) around May 1st @ 10th of 2016, causing World War 3 and the Mega Great Holocaust that THEY (The satanic Dis-illuminated Mafia) will also cause.

The satanic NWO will start on: May 10th of 2016.

2 Years after it was Publicly ANNOUNCED for: On May of 2014.

The MAIN Antichrist who will replace Barack Obama the 666 is Pope Francis, and the Bible indicates that he would Reign in the satanic New World Order for 42 Months (Revelation 13:5), and since Armageddon will come on July 10th of 2018, that take us to the beginning on January 10th of 2015...already gone and NOTHING happened...

But since it did not happen on that date (1-10-15), and the satanic New World Order (NWO) will start on May 10th of 2016, then it will ONLY last 26 Months (until Armageddon on July 10th of 2018).

The DIVINE Plan:
RUN to the Mountains as Jesus Christ COMMANDED us to do in Matthew 24:15-16.

Wait there until July 10th of 2018 for Armageddon. Prepare for the LONG run of about 40 years of Great Tribulation/Cleaning until the END of this wicked world of satan (2018-2058?..).

After that, Paradise in The New World of Justice and Peace where Jesus Christ will be King for 1000 Years! (also the resurrection and JUDGMENT of the dead will occur then...)

NOTE: Not ALL people who have died will resurrect, SOME do NOT deserve a second chance…

Last but NOT least, the FINAL Test for humankind.

The winners will Live FOREVER, so NO DATES will matter after that...

“Simple” as that. :-)

El que Rie al ULTIMO Rie MEJOR! :-)

In Gringo language: The one that laughs at the END, laughs BETTER! :-)


"I am LEARNING to give time to time...because ALL comes when it HAS TO come. 

Not a day before, not a day after."


 “I have many things yet to say to ​YOU, but ​YOU​ are not able to bear them at present. However, when That ONE arrives, the spirit of the truth, he will guide ​YOU​ into all the truth, for he will not speak of his own impulse, but what things he hears he will speak, and he will declare to ​YOU​ the things coming. That one will glorify me, because he will receive from what is mine and will declare it to ​YOU."-John 16:12-14

Thursday, July 18, 2013

World War Illuminati!

Here the Illuminati puppet who officially presented this satanic New World Order in 1990:


Video added on 1-17-15:


I also came back from watching World War Z...something like THAT will happen from January 27, 2015 until May 2015 when these puppets of satan da devil will carry out the DEADLIEST events in human history....

It seems that for the moment at least, like Brad Pitt in the movie I am "immune" to the venom of these Living DEAD since last night I sent them my "greetings" that obviously they did NOT like...who would? Not me :-) And they sent a few puppets right there in the Cinema that are trigger happy and were very anxious...

But they are Robot-Zombies puppets and they don't MOVE an inch if NOT ordered by another puppet...that is HOW it works...ALL puppets of

INFO Before Hand is POWER...

That makes ME the MOST Powerful Man on Earth isn't it TRUE?...


Update 1-11-15:

Since ArmagDEBTon (The US Dollar Collapse) did  NOT come on January 9th of 2015...and hence the satanic New World Dis-"Order" (NWO), did NOT start on January 10th of 2015 by default, then those satanic PUPPETS must (Plan) B, counting Months like in past Biblical terms (30 Days).

Since their satanic NWO CIRCUS will last ONLY 42 Months (3 1/2 Years), and the REAL actual Armageddon will come of July 10th of 2018...lest do some Math OK, Ya Lads!?

I LOVE it, BTW! ;-)

Every regular Year of TODAY is 365 Days long...

In Biblical terms it was only 360 days (30 Days Months), so we are OVER 5 days now a days in comparison to back then he!

5x3.5 (3 1/2 Years or 42 Months), is 17.5, we could round it to either 17 or 18 Days right?

I think the satanic PUPPETS will choose 18 instead!


Cus January 10 plus 18 its gives January 28! (of 2015)

28, Ya People! (The Festival of the Beast, satan da devil)

I REALLY think they are just a bunch of PUSSIES, and they would LOVE to extend their evil satanic GAME as much as possible (that is WHY even though they have being ANNOUNCING the NWO for Years, at least since 1990 publicly wide spread, they have NOT done it yet really)...

After ALL, who in their right or LEFT satanic mind even, wants to DIE he Barack Obama?! ;-)

KINGS to Ya, Dis-illuminated satanic PUPPETS!


The ONE! ;-)

 Update 1-29-15:

It seems that the satanic Dis-illuminated PUPPETS on IlluminatiAM, will rather EAT their Jehovah God ASSIGNED time for the satanic New World Dis-"Order" or "NWO" (42 Months or 3 1/2 Years at 30 Days per Biblical Months, counting backwards from Armageddon Day on July 10th of 2018), than "AGREE" or "OBEY" ME: The ONE of Revelation 13:18...
So now indeed the start of ArmagDEBTon and the RESULTING World War 3 (WW3), are in Up in the Air! (NO MORE Dates from MY Side anymore..).

Update 5-3-15:

It MUST happen on May 2015.

Right after ArmagDEBTon