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Sunday, September 29, 2013


"Hi: I am EVE-lyn ( a woman's name ;.)) Rotten Shit (Rothschild).

My GARBAGE SHIT family financed the NAZIS (Adolf Hitler was the 555, and of Coors Beer, we also finance the Bullshit one "and only" Obama Mr. 666!).

We are part of the 13 MOST powerful satanic families in this freaking satanic world where our "little nothing SHIT garbage god" satan da devil RULES! ( 2 Corinthians 4:4 we are the "champions"...for a little bit more ONLY...)

We were commissioned by the Royal SHIT family to "put down" the American Revolution (also a BIG Hoax with the same Illuminati GARBAGE in both sides..."geniuses" those illuminatos hum?).

We financed the communist Revolution in Russia. Stalin an Illuminati as well...

We destroyed Palestine to create "israel"...

We were behind 9/11 and resulting wars.

We OWN the world banking system along with the Associated Press and Reuters, so we control ALL the "news" YOU read, view and hear and CONTROL YOUR governments too.

We are BANKSTERS for both the "royal" family and the illuminati controlled Vatican (same satanic obelisk that REALLY represents the devils erected DICK!) .

WE ARE the New World Order!

Coming in MAY of 2014!"

SHIT man!

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