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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Whom do YOU think is MY KING?

The KING of other "little kings"!

Jesus Christ! ;-)

How do you know I KNOW that Heriberto Silva and his wife "la virgen" de Guadalupe, ordered my murder?

Besides the pussies in Hollywood those idiots were NOT aware of, just in case the thing "backfired" at em?...

That Chicago Padrino FOX is/was indeed clever, just like his "god" satan da devil...

Fist when I got lost in my nightmare trip to Los Angeles in September of 2009, I diapered from their "radar"s on 9-11-09 (just a "pure" coincidence that date?...think twice please). After 72 hours of so of FIERCE dog hunt persecution...even the FOOLS Burros-donkes-of Instigation (FBI) was involved as they are the hunt dogs of the Godfather...oh YES, do You believe in "Elliot Ness" still? ;-)

He DIED long time ago baby, and was El Padrino who Murdered "him", them ALL!

He is so clever that he had other puppets as "bosses"...sucker!

Chicago Outfit.

Even an extremely intelligent accountant that worked for him before, told me once that he was WAY better than Al Capone, who liked publicity like a celebrity...

Imagine HOW clever he is that he put his puppets of the Chicago Crime OMISSION, to name as the "new Al Capone": El Chapo Guzman, whom he sent to execute for some cargo shit that "magically dissapeared" in the end of last year...

See the DATE of this announcement, LOVE Day...and WHO is LOVE?-1 John 4:8

The ONE who sent me Jehovah the Almighty

He is La JEFA from Michocan, and El Chapo was his Sinaloa BOYFRIEND (Adolfito turned to be AGolfita!)

Only JEHOVAH the only ONE ALMIGHTY of the entire Universe, could trap La Jefita Mariconsita! (El Padrino de Chicago).


An homosexual imagine that!

How sick and twisted this satanic world is...the Numero UNO mafioso in the world GAY!, guacala man! ;-)

Where are the REAL MEN then?

Here in the LAND of  the TRUE Machos, Jalisco Mexico, where Jehovah sent ME to be born on July 26th of 1971... ...for a GOOD reason, He does NOT do anything "al ay se va"...He does NOT take risks with His Divine PLAN of Salvation of humankind...believe me!, and when He did, like with my mafia persecution that started in 2009 (that it STOPPED now, as they only spy and "escort" me almost everywhere I go...following me or they put a satellite tracking device in my car...I DON'T care NOW believe me!

At ALL pendejos! (FOOLS).

YA me los chinge, asi que lo bailado quien se los QUITA he! ;-)

I apologize for this kind of "dirty" language, but these morons is the ONLY one they speak and understand...besides the one of BULLETS.

I already defeated YOU, and WHO can take away the dance I gave YOU in 4 years of
"El Coyote versus el Correcaminos"?


                Armageddon Messenger                    

That also for a GOOD tell YOU all of this now so YOU can believe WHO sent me...He had and still has "my back", and WONT let go even until my departure to HEAVEN!

Believe me!

Remember the date of the Cuban Revolution, and what happened to Fidel Castro that almost everyone thought he was the Messianic "envoy"?

Well, I was BORN 12 years later, on JULY 26th of 1971! (Apolo 15 launch, by June 2015 the satanic world dis-order will be here (after the Mega great Holocaust)...and it was the FIRST mission to be of the J-Missions (how many days was MY king dead in order to SAVE us all?...that is in fact JEHOVAH Mission to SAVE is people!)

I am so sorry to disappoint MANY (that ONLY appear to SEE the BAD in me, rather than the GOOD I have, that outweighs the bad by a LOT by the way...), I AM: That ONE! ;-) (John 16:12-14).

Adolfo Vega was "invisible" and "off the radar" like his "god satan da devil (until NOW that I made him PUBLIC!

Gol baboso! and is NOT made of bullets like YOU COWARD use to enforce your "reign"....

Ok about Heriberto...and I am SUPER tired by now, so I will make it "quick" as It does NOT matter much today Anyhoo...(Wreck it Ralph).


In December of 2008 one of his and MY acquaintances warned, me about his move against me, when he FAILED to prove at Jefferson County Court, her FALSE accusations against me, even with the MOST expensive attorneys office of Elkhorn Wisconsin on his SIDE..while I only had my family by my side and the lawyers not interpreters needed for me...

That is WHY when I immediately started to see people following me in my car and spying on me on the spring of 2009 (there are several ways to make sure about this believe me...); I went to talk to the Godfather...or better said now the GodMOTHER!

No wonder WHY La Virgen of Guadalupe is his "god! SICK bastard!

He has one of those worthless and FALSE idols in ALL his stores and businesses...

The BIGGEST in La Bodega in Chicago that I am aware of...


After he LIED to me as a "good" satan follower whom is the FATHER of LIES, he retreated a little bit waiting like a hiding Lion ready to DEVOUR me at the first mistake, just in case I would have believed him and get outside again...which I did of course when I went to L.A. in 09...

Later he realized for sure, that he made a MONUMENTAL mistake in our "little chit chat" (or better said Evil Chess Game of intelligence versus intelligence), when he told me to "get to work" on earth HE would know that I was not working because I was afraid of going OUT!

If it WAS NOT him who had send, these hunting motherless DOGS to get me!

Checkmate sucker! ;-)

See? Even a fox makes mistakes...after all he is an IMPERFECT we ALL are...

After that failed (GRACIAS to Jehovah my beloved God), and when I went back to Wisconsin, this time with my sister and almost none stop all the way trough...

He sent me again to execute me for the second time (BIG well thought about plan, as they had all my communications intervened and they knew before hand, where I would be...), Me and my Ex-wife went to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary (and LAST one...), and while I left her at work /(half day she would work)in Milwaukee, to "kill the time" (they were going to KILL ME), I headed to watch Avatar or better said A-MATAR! (To KILL).

How did I find out besides many signs like the second one of receiving a "private" phone call (I thought it was Heidi and answered, since she told me if she finished early the work, she would call me from work..), it was a TRAP to locate me via cell phone signal...When I dropped off her at work there was a gang member guy in the almost EMPTY parking lot, with his SUV running as it was super cold that day...waiting for me!

Then a lot of other strange stuff followed, like one guy at each side encased the row I was by myself sited (in the middle of the cinema that  is the "ortho" seat for good Stereoscopic 3-D cinema viewing...).

Well it was "it" for me...since the previous night I had a Vision of Heriberto and his wife, talking to his uncle and the Godfather asking for MY John the Baptist!

Now do YOU understand WHY Jehovah chose me for this CRITICAL Mission instead of a Governing Body member for this the MOST IMPORTANT JOB to SAVE His People?...

Does ANY one of the almost 8 million people of Jehovah Witnesses worldwide KNEW about this?

Even in "the world", just a handful of people KNOWS it...

And I have a lot of information that I have been sending the past 18  a DEAF ears and BLIND eyes it seems...

And don't worry, they have TRACKED me down ALL my communications (e-mail, Facebook "private messages", and FB and G+ postings way before that time... besides Skype and phone of course, basically The WHOLE 9 Yards baby! ;-)

And ALL those "army on the ground forces", that makes me want to VOMIT just to look at that GARBAGE SHIT!

And THANKS to Jehovah MY God and Jesus MY King, I am still here on the FLESH: "vivito y coleado"...until YOU WAKE UP!...

They LOVE U too people!


Update 1-22-14:

LOL ;-)

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