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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MY Life!...

My Life (1993), I LOVE this of my very FAVORITES of all time.

Its a 20 year old movie but it will NEVER "get old" believe me.

Its a shame that we humans ONLY seem to FULLY appreciate LIFE when we are DYING....

And believe me I KNOW that feeling...with a BIG prize on MY head since 2009 and POWERFUL Mafias as hunt dogs behind ME at all times...YOU learn the lesson buddy!

My God and I did NOT know that I was an anointed one back then (I am IMMORTAL and will be only transformed to a spiritual being after my "death" on the flesh).

Jehovah God did NOT reveled to me who I was, so I could LEARN the lesson in the it feels like for most people, and I CRIED a LOT, believe me.

And so will YOU if faced with imminent DEATH...if you are blessed enough to have time to reflection on YOUR LIFE that is.

A worth watching movie that will TEACH you more of life, than what you learn your entire life at school believe me...

Its almost like when getting old...

"Getting old is like climbing a mountain: When you get to the top, you are tired, weary and its hard to breath. But you can SEE MORE than ever before".

Cesar Rubio.

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