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Monday, September 30, 2013

Jehovah's "Office"...

From this motor home (outside my dads in TRUTH or Consequences...NM) JEHOVAH'S Message of SALVATION and Judgement for Humankind came out in February 27th of 2012!

YOU think you have "suffered"?...I live there for like 5 months, with NO air conditioner nor a fan (TRY the desert in summer time por favor...or even winter in the desert).

Just ICE baby ice!

Drank ALL day water with ice to stay ALIVE!

I had to take showers with 4 gallons of water twice a week (to go to the meetings at the local Kingdom Hall, and have to go take MY S...out every week (risky endeavor stuff with my enemies all over...).

Sometimes I had not even water or electricity (my dad is a tough "discipline oriented" guy...).


Satellite one, Virgin Mobile with almost the speed of dial up because the nearest satellite was not even close to that isolated location! lol.

Well at least Walmart is close by, and use to go there to buy groceries ($50 USD for food every week), NOT even had money for CORONA beer man!

I almost KILL myself just because of that ONLY reason! ;-)

So NEVER sub estimate the POWER of Chelas! (beer) lol.

What else?

The FAKE man made lake?...

MY ONLY comfort while there, were my dads little dogs (Princess kids) and THINKING in MY own beautiful BOYS 24/7!

Please click on pictures to ENLARGE them:

Mi Racunsito Alex!

Topo Gigio






Good thing that my Dad works repairing those...and TESTING them afterwards ! ;-)

The one in the hat is my MAMA Catalina....

Me WORKING, as I always have...

I need FOOD too! ;-)

My Dad Hector says that that TREE is Us, my 3 sisters (Martha, Mirna and Magdalena-La More-), my brother Hector and I...(we have another step brother...Hector too, 3 of em man!)

Beautiful Princess!

The "Boat Man" (Troy 2004)

Update 5-27-15: My Dad Hector Rafael Rubio Barba, RIP.

La vida empieza llorando y TERMINA...Life begins and ENDS Crying...


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