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Sunday, September 15, 2013

LIVE on YOUR Feet!

Emiliano Zapata is my ONLY Mexican hero, he died in the hands of the COWARD, corrupt and evil illumianti puppets...oh yes they existed back then in Mejico, even before him as Benito Juarez was also a puppet of satan...the "father of the country"...just like the other idiot of George Washington is of Gringolandia...

See? this world belongs to satan, and to whoever kneels to him.

But as the USA acronym says, in Spanish is USE, satan uses his puppets and gives them some change to have them entertained (give a DOG a bone so he wont bark nor bite you...), and then after he is done "with business" (like some one does with a prostitute), he trows them to the eternal abyss of DEATH.

I rather "DIE" on my FEET, that to live on my knees, Zapata said that, although some attribute that quote to others like el Che Guevara, who use it later actually.

He also said this:

"Quiero morir siendo esclavo DE LOS PRINCIPIOS, NO de los hombres."

That is what Jesus Christ MY King also said of many people, and that applies to ALL Jehovah Witnesses "in good standing", that OBEY imperfect and SINFUL men, rather than their own consciences and Bible principles.

The Governing "Buddy", is like any "good" crocked LIAR, I mean lawyer that only points out and makes reference to the verses for their OWN advantage...just like the Pharisees and Scribes before them...;-)

No way Jose! I am obeying or kneeling to COWARD Fools like them!

In YOUR dreams buddy-"wise"-ers! lol. (laughing out loud).

Jehovah and Jesus want TRUE & FREE MEN (and women too of course), not puppets like satan does.

"Cesar Rubio"

Update 12-6-13

Update 2-1-14:

Green Zapata! ;-)

The ONE!

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