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Sunday, October 6, 2013


"BONUS" Post.....

Original Post here: Mr.666 & The Press.

Here the "king" 666 Antichrist, ANNOUNCING The NWO, & MOCKING the naive and mostly BOUGHT White House Correspondents Press.

This Speech was given 3 DAYS before I posted the one of the NWO & the 666, on CHILDREN (Whoever is NOT like C...) Day in Mexico (Achilles Heel).

(2 Corinthians 4:4), and master puppeteer......

"I WARN YOU about THIS, Second Term (2015 = His 7 YEAR as a LIAR in Chief......) Baby! 

We are CHANGING Things AROUND HERE a "little bit".  


FOX "News"...

"The DYING Committee....."

WHY do YOU think he mentions RUBIO, because I AM The ONE (Agent 777) from Jehovah & Jesus Christ, he has got an ARMY (at least 300 I have seen) of people SURVEILLING Me 24/7 since when he TOOK Office in January 2009.

They tried to make it paper like "murders attempts", so I would RUN and "abandon the race" (which I did temporarily of course)...clever that satan puppet hum?

They even sent me a puppet (from the Mexican Mafia) in January 2012 when I was Living in L.A. with this message: "Take yourself OUT"...YEAH Right!

You have to give the SUCKER 666 credit for his job, he is "good"...:-)

He also makes "fun" of Marco Rubio calling him a "kid", well IDIOT I was born the same years as he, 7-26-1971 and my last name is the SAME.

And YOU KNOW that in 2016 there WONT be a USA President anymore, your EVIL New World Order will be here, while YOU will be on HELL already though...DEAD, hell does NOT exist like most people knows the term, actually THIS satanic world is like a LIVING HELL already....

Oh man, and MENTIONING the Boston bombings that YOU ordered to PLOT, "priceless" CYNICISM, typical of YOU and your "god"...

And it happens to be that while you are the 666 "ace RAT" of satan, that I have a BETTER pronunciation for that one, but since a KID writes this blog and mostly KIDS reads it, I will leave it as RAT for now instead :-), I am the 777 of JEHOVAH God, want to PLAY cards with me?

I will BEAT the CRAP out of YOU, let me tell ya that already "mister", lol...

Update 10-25-13:

Puro Agent 777 Baby!

Update 12-14-13:

"I will love YOU back...ah MAY-Be" (Obama the PUPPET Antichrist 666......)

Update 12-23-13: (Re-Updated on May 26th of 2014 again)

The ANTI-Christ and Jehovah's too of course His Father...

Update 2-19-15:

How this satanic NWO will start?

"Welcome" ArmagDEBTon in May 2015.....

The ONE: Agent 777! ;-) 


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

7 Months.......

Ok guys, YOU have 7 months to put YOUR House in Order...until May 1, Sayonara Day for the FOOL "Virgins" that did NOT get WELL prepared!

Its about 210 Days...

WHERE I have heard that # before...hum this "forgetful" brain of mine that "betrays" me with such a BAD Memory! ;-)

The beginning of teh PLAN, MAY Fail!

And they MAY decide to FIRE ALL the BOMBS at once!!!!!

Since YOU can not count much, nor TRUST 100% Bipolar people can YOU?

I AM Bipolar, I said it before (I am an HONEST, nor perfect guy Okey Dokey? ;-)). Its here in MY Book about Stereoscopic 3-D Cinema...

But the "SAD" thing too (WE ALL are Screwed Warner Time, I mean BIG Time), is that the dis-i-lluminati BASTARDS, satanic MANIACS are way worse Plan B-i-Polar than me!

I am an "amateur" regarding this in comparison to that satanic manipulated GARBAGE, believe me!

So YOU better start moving YOUR A$$, as of TODAY-Pronto Baby!!!

Crunch Time, Crunch Time!

Otherwise when that time arrives, the BIRD Catcher will have ALL exists CLOSED!

This is my 365 post in here, the SAME as there are Days in a YEAR.

If you STILL "don't get it" with ALL info presented here, NO ONE, nor NOTHING will help YA.

NOT even Jehovah GOD, or Jesus Christ His BELOVED Son (and MY King), CAN take away FOLLISHNESS from certain LOST Cause People!

Thuis is MY Last post in here.

I SEE YOU on the "Other Side":

Video Updated on: November 9, of 2014

Armageddon Messenger.

Monday, September 30, 2013

24K Pure GOLD!!!

The WORLD was SAVED with this GOLD!!!

C y =D&A!

LAST Chance!!!!!

"This is YOUR LAST chance, WORLD. After this, there is NO Turning Back. YOU take the blue pill-the story ENDS, you wake up in bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill-you stay in WONDERLAND and we show you how DEEP the rabbit hole goes."


The satanic Antichrist puppet of satan da devil (the "god" of this satanic GARBAGE world), the one and only Bullshit Obama 666!

TRUTH or Consequences?.....

I AM the MOST "powerful" MAN on EARTH!


Jehovah's "Office"...

From this motor home (outside my dads in TRUTH or Consequences...NM) JEHOVAH'S Message of SALVATION and Judgement for Humankind came out in February 27th of 2012!

YOU think you have "suffered"?...I live there for like 5 months, with NO air conditioner nor a fan (TRY the desert in summer time por favor...or even winter in the desert).

Just ICE baby ice!

Drank ALL day water with ice to stay ALIVE!

I had to take showers with 4 gallons of water twice a week (to go to the meetings at the local Kingdom Hall, and have to go take MY S...out every week (risky endeavor stuff with my enemies all over...).

Sometimes I had not even water or electricity (my dad is a tough "discipline oriented" guy...).


Satellite one, Virgin Mobile with almost the speed of dial up because the nearest satellite was not even close to that isolated location! lol.

Well at least Walmart is close by, and use to go there to buy groceries ($50 USD for food every week), NOT even had money for CORONA beer man!

I almost KILL myself just because of that ONLY reason! ;-)

So NEVER sub estimate the POWER of Chelas! (beer) lol.

What else?

The FAKE man made lake?...

MY ONLY comfort while there, were my dads little dogs (Princess kids) and THINKING in MY own beautiful BOYS 24/7!

Please click on pictures to ENLARGE them:

Mi Racunsito Alex!

Topo Gigio






Good thing that my Dad works repairing those...and TESTING them afterwards ! ;-)

The one in the hat is my MAMA Catalina....

Me WORKING, as I always have...

I need FOOD too! ;-)

My Dad Hector says that that TREE is Us, my 3 sisters (Martha, Mirna and Magdalena-La More-), my brother Hector and I...(we have another step brother...Hector too, 3 of em man!)

Beautiful Princess!

The "Boat Man" (Troy 2004)

Update 5-27-15: My Dad Hector Rafael Rubio Barba, RIP.

La vida empieza llorando y TERMINA...Life begins and ENDS Crying...


Sunday, September 29, 2013


"AYER" (Yesterday)

I, thought I knew you well
But all this time I could never tell
I, let you get away
Haunts me every night and every day

You, were the only one
The only friend that I counted on
How, could I watch you walk away
I'd give anything to have you here today

But now, I stand alone with my pride
And dream, that you're still by my side

But that was yesterday
I had the world in my hands
But it's not the end of my world (ooh ooh ooh)
Just a slight change of plans
That was yesterday
But today life goes on
No more hiding in yesterday (ooh ooh ooh)
'Cause yesterday's gone, ah-ah ah-ah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Love, my love I gave it all
Thought I saw the light when I heard you call
Life, that we both could share
Has deserted me, left me in despair

But now (now) I stand alone with my pride
Fighting back the tears, I never let myself cry

But that was yesterday
Love was torn from my hands
But it's not the end of my world (ooh ooh ooh)
Just a little hard to understand
That was yesterday
But today life goes on
You won't find me in yesterday's world (ooh ooh ooh)
Now yesterday's gone
Goodbye yesterday
Now it's over and done
Still I hope somewhere deep in your heart (ooh ooh ooh)
Yesterday will live on, oh-oh oh-oh oooooooooooooooh


"Hi: I am EVE-lyn ( a woman's name ;.)) Rotten Shit (Rothschild).

My GARBAGE SHIT family financed the NAZIS (Adolf Hitler was the 555, and of Coors Beer, we also finance the Bullshit one "and only" Obama Mr. 666!).

We are part of the 13 MOST powerful satanic families in this freaking satanic world where our "little nothing SHIT garbage god" satan da devil RULES! ( 2 Corinthians 4:4 we are the "champions"...for a little bit more ONLY...)

We were commissioned by the Royal SHIT family to "put down" the American Revolution (also a BIG Hoax with the same Illuminati GARBAGE in both sides..."geniuses" those illuminatos hum?).

We financed the communist Revolution in Russia. Stalin an Illuminati as well...

We destroyed Palestine to create "israel"...

We were behind 9/11 and resulting wars.

We OWN the world banking system along with the Associated Press and Reuters, so we control ALL the "news" YOU read, view and hear and CONTROL YOUR governments too.

We are BANKSTERS for both the "royal" family and the illuminati controlled Vatican (same satanic obelisk that REALLY represents the devils erected DICK!) .

WE ARE the New World Order!

Coming in MAY of 2014!"

SHIT man!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Dark Secrets:Inside Bohemian Grove

The images speak for themselves...

Those the ones you must "obey" and "respect"...yeah right!

In YOUR dreams buddy "wise"-rs!

To The RIGHT and FAR away from ya suckers! ;-)

The "disrespectful": AM.

Obama the 666 puppet of satan!

Here the mouse shows his tails crystal clear.

He is just a puppet of satan da devil, and the satanic New World Order that is coming SOON to a "theater" near YOU!...

So YOU better BUY popcorn beforehand baby! ;-)

(English with Spanish Subtitles)

Wake up, its AM already!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The STRONGEST People...

"Sometimes the STRONGEST People are those who LOVE beyond all measure, CRY when no one can see, and FIGHT battles that only JEHOVAH God knows about!"

Put on the WHOLE/FULL armor of GOD!-Ephesians 6:10-18

If you don't FIGHT GIANTS, no one will ever remember YOUR NAME!-Troy 2004

Illuminati Whistleblower: "They Worship lucifer".

Carolyn Hamlett talks here about the satanic New World Order and the "chosen one" to make it public worldwide, the COWARD satanic puppet of George H.W. Bush on September 11th 1990.

She mentions that they like NUMBERS..oh yes they do the suckers, money wise and ATTACK wise too!

Very predictable if you STUDY those puppets closely...

Easy cake.

Wake UP people!


The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.....

The illuminati satanic constitution and "bible".....

YOU better wise up into WHOM You OBEY!!!



Sunday, September 15, 2013


"War is when YOUR Government (even the Governing "Buddy"), tells YOU who the enemy is.

REVOLUTION is when YOU figure it out for YOURSELF"


Ok enough of "theory", and lets go to PRACTICE.

There is a TON of information about the illuminati puppets of satan and their evil New World Order all over the net.

The ONLY thing I discovered really was the DATE of the start of their attacks...

May of 2014.

I know that you don't believe the Armageddon date just yet (July 10th of 2018) nor the "other stuff" that will follow, but when you start to see how things evolve YOU should will! ;-)

From now on I will concentrate my efforts to DEMONSTRATE that it can be DONE, and what Jehovah and Jesus command us is not too difficult to do, and is for our OWN good and well being.

Here is my new blog:

Armageddon Survival

Gracias. ;-)

Armageddon Messenger.

LIVE on YOUR Feet!

Emiliano Zapata is my ONLY Mexican hero, he died in the hands of the COWARD, corrupt and evil illumianti puppets...oh yes they existed back then in Mejico, even before him as Benito Juarez was also a puppet of satan...the "father of the country"...just like the other idiot of George Washington is of Gringolandia...

See? this world belongs to satan, and to whoever kneels to him.

But as the USA acronym says, in Spanish is USE, satan uses his puppets and gives them some change to have them entertained (give a DOG a bone so he wont bark nor bite you...), and then after he is done "with business" (like some one does with a prostitute), he trows them to the eternal abyss of DEATH.

I rather "DIE" on my FEET, that to live on my knees, Zapata said that, although some attribute that quote to others like el Che Guevara, who use it later actually.

He also said this:

"Quiero morir siendo esclavo DE LOS PRINCIPIOS, NO de los hombres."

That is what Jesus Christ MY King also said of many people, and that applies to ALL Jehovah Witnesses "in good standing", that OBEY imperfect and SINFUL men, rather than their own consciences and Bible principles.

The Governing "Buddy", is like any "good" crocked LIAR, I mean lawyer that only points out and makes reference to the verses for their OWN advantage...just like the Pharisees and Scribes before them...;-)

No way Jose! I am obeying or kneeling to COWARD Fools like them!

In YOUR dreams buddy-"wise"-ers! lol. (laughing out loud).

Jehovah and Jesus want TRUE & FREE MEN (and women too of course), not puppets like satan does.

"Cesar Rubio"

Update 12-6-13

Update 2-1-14:

Green Zapata! ;-)

The ONE!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The GREATEST Prophet!

The GREATEST MESSENGER or Prophet of Jehovah God, in this messy IMPERFECT world and in its human history...

That is ME Cesar Rubio, The ONE or That ONE!

Greater than Moses, and I AM NOT even worthy of kissing MY KING Jesus Christ ALL!

Who were YOU saying you are?...

Horacio Cesar Rubio


Friday, September 13, 2013

LOVE & Beauty...

Maybe you have asked yourself already (if you read me often), WHY is this "crazy" guy mixing all kind of S...stuff... ;-)

LIFE is about LOVE, otherwise it would NOT be worth living at ALL, would it?

LOVE is the most POWERFUL force in the entire UNIVERSE...just think about it por favor ok?

For U know WHO...

"You're Beautiful"

My life is brilliant.

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yes, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
Flying high. [ - video/radio edited version]
Fucking high. [ - CD version]
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last 'til the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.



I wrote before that Jehovah opened my mind BEFORE I was 40 (the RUSH thing...), well I was WRONG!

I already was 40 on January 2012!

In fact right after my 40 birthday in July 26th 2011, I stopped to take the POISON I was taking for "schizophrenia" which it had me in a coma for 18 months!

And Jehovah spirit IMPULSED me top go back to FIGHT the pussies maricones in Hollywood, whom had "defeated" me on February of 2010, when I had NO choice at the time but to STOP MY 3-D cameras system endeavor for some much PERSECUTION...

The VISION that started it all once more (after the 2 of 1990), was in fact in November 11, 2011 (11-11-11)!

See? sometimes RETREATING a little bit after  a lost battle, does NOT mean that YOU lose the WAR! ;-)


Like I said in my book about 3-D, I have extremely BAD memory...and the sleepless nights WORRYING for people I LOVE, does not help with that at ALL either....



The Shawshank Redemption, movie is ONE of my very best favorite movies of all time.

And DON'T think that because YOU are in the "outside" you are free!

No way Jose! ;-)

This is Complete Freedom Baby!

So YOU better ESCAPE to Real and True Freedom, or you will get TRAPPED in the DARK HELL Mess that is coming!

Lovely Raquel... ;-)


(You can run, you can hide
But you can't escape my love)

Here's how it goes, you and me, up and down
But maybe this time we'll get it right, worth the fight
'Cause love is something you can't shake
When it breaks
All it takes is some trying

If you feel like leaving
I'm not gonna beg you to stay
But soon you'll be finding
You can run, you can hide
But you can't escape my love
You can run, you can hide
But you can't escape my love

So if you go
You should know
It's hard to just forget the past so fast
It was good, it was bad but it was real
And that's all you have in the end, our love mattered

If you feel like leaving
I'm not gonna beg you to stay (I'm not gonna beg you to stay)
But soon you'll be finding
You can run, you can hide
But you can't escape my love
You can run, you can hide
But you can't escape my love

You can run (you can run)
You can hide (you can hide)
But you can't escape my love (my love)
You can run (you can run)
You can hide (you can hide)
But you can't escape my love

Here's how it goes
All it takes is some trying
You can run...

If you feel like leaving
I'm not gonna beg you to stay (I'm not gonna beg you to stay)
Soon you'll be finding (you'll be finding)
You can run, you can hide
But you can't escape my love (escape my love)

If you feel like leaving
I'm not gonna beg you to stay (you can't escape my love)
Soon you'll be finding
You can run, you can hide
But you can't escape my love

You can run [repeated 'til the end of the song]

Baby, you can run, baby, you can hide
But you can't escape my love
Baby, you can run, baby, you can hide
But you can't escape my love

But you can't escape my love
You can run, you can hide
But you can't escape MY LOVE