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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WHO and what are the Illuminati/cult?

Later on my comments on this one...

In the land of the BLIND, a one eye man is "king"....TRUE.

1999...that YEAR I went to live to the USA, to get the BEAST out trough his puppets in Hollywood.

I started my 3-D Cinemas Machine Vision Cameras project in 2006, and the both arrogant of James Cameron and Jim Jannard BITE the bait right away, ME...both Illuminati GARBAGE.

Besides Steve Schklair from 3Ality (I think Jannard will EXECUTE him because he OWES his soul to him...), and obviously he is going to "execute me" on LOVES day 2014, February 14.

That date was when Guadalajara Mexico was founded (I was born there and live there now again), and also it will be 24 EXACT years from the date I challenged satan da devil, at my beautiful aunt Irma Margarita burial at the BIGGEST cemetery of the city...

Those are my 3 MAIN enemies, all part of The Triangle chapter.

The other 2 people in the "Bermuda Triangle", besides Obama the 666, are 2 mafia bosses hired by the former to execute me, first it was the Chicago "Padrino" or "El Zorro": Adolfo Vega, and when he FAILED, the "job" was passed to El Chapo Guzman from the Sinaloa Cartel (he runs the Guadalajara La Nueva Generacion wing).

The Mexican Mafia in L.A. could NOT touch me either, so I will give them a "break" for now...

YOU should have done your HOMEWORK with me first ""buddies", but what can you expect from IDIOTS in the Mafia biz hum?

Cesar Rubio. ("The GREAT One", like the Chicago mafia nicknamed me...)

Update 3:23 PM:

The Los Angeles Riots were FABRICATED on May 1st...

The Twin Towers Illuminati attack was done in 2001, combine both and we have:

May plus 13 YEARS is: May of 2014!

This "simple" car plates ANNOUNCE the ATTACK against Christianity worldwide before hand!

I AM ready for it!


Armageddon WARRIOR!

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