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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NO escape for the wicked!

Here Mr.666 Barack Obama, TRYING to escape his "fate" on May of 2015 (DEATH).

But he wont make it too far though....

Once you SELL your wicked soul to satan da devil, WHO will save you?

You should have THOUGHT about that BEFORE when you still had the chance in 1990 Mr. "Community Organizer" was that year when the devil in the flesh the despicable organism of  Henry Kissinger "picked you up" right? "lefty"...

But since he is ALSO (like YOU) a puppet of satan, it was the latter who REALLY chose you, dint he?

NO escape for him and his spiritual army and his human puppets either...

Adios "amigos", and it wont be like the Terminator crap of : "I"ll be back" will be FOREVER BYE-BYE!

I am actually suspecting that one of my MAIN enemies who is in the Triangle chapter, the self proclaimed "king of 3-D", the arrogant James Cameron is also an Illuminati puppet too.

After all he ANNOUNCED the 9-11 twin towers attacks of New York 10 years before they actually happened, in Terminator 1! (in a bridge on the semi-trailer chasing on the L.A. open sewers...)

My God, these suckers STINK BIG time!


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