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Monday, August 26, 2013

Illuminati MAFIA!

"Barack Obama doesn't always support George W. Bush's policies, but when he does...Well actually , now that I THINK about it, he usually ALWAYS supports them. Damn!"

Of course that he does, they are in the same SIDE. The worldwide Illuminati MAFIA!

The Bushes are members of the skull and bones satanic club gang, and for SURE Obama is too (after all he is the 666 so go figure...).

Actually in order to be a "prominent" politicians (in the entire wicked world, not just in the Dis-United States of Gringolandia), you MUST be a "free"-mason (they are NOT free since they ALL are Puppets...:-)).

Then out of these Illuminati "wanna-bes", only the fiercest and most despicable cowards and backstabbers reach the "top" be called the satanic Illuminati "elite"....

Even the "founding fathers" of  the: "el otro lado", as we Mexicans call it :-) (the OTHER side...)...were ALL masons puppets of satan...WHY do you think it became the worlds "super power"? Out of thin air, or for their "good looks"?...

NOPE, they SOLD their wicked and LOW souls to the devil...the temporarily OWNER of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4).

So for WHOM are you going to VOTE?

Me, for the only RIGHTFUL KING of "kings", Jesus Christ and his Millennial Kingdom that is about to come and wipe out the one of satan...that includes ALL the Illuminati puppets of course! :-)

Wake up, is AM already!

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