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Friday, August 30, 2013


"NOT until we are LOST do we BEGIN to find OURSELVES."-Henry David Thoreau

Jehovah God KNOWS this, hence He will PERMIT the things COMING...(John 16:12-14).

Please read this blog in DETAIL, if  YOU want to know exactly the BEAST we are facing here...

And I am "That ONE", with the GREATEST (UNDESERVED by the way...) privilege in human history (besides the one of MY KING Jesus Christ) to TELL YOU those things, so I better WISE UP myself and start going PRACTICAL with things instead of "political" and "religious" NEVER "ending" blah,blah,blah....

USELESS for the MOST part as most people SEE and HEARS what they want to see and hear, and is a WASTE of precious and COUNTED time talking to the already DEAD...(The Sixth Sense movie).

I started to watch the TV series LOST online, to see what I can LEARN from it...

And also I will START going to the "field service" soon, to record and EXPERIMENT in the flesh how it will be like...and I will write my findings here of course, NOT only my blog but also is YOURS the readers of it, by the way thanks for YOUR precious time you also spend reading "my stuff"...:-)

A GOOD "leader" teaches with the EXAMPLE foremost, not with merely empty for the most parts speeches and "talks"...


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