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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Choice is YOURS!

FEAR: has two meanings:

1.-Forget Everything And Run


2.-Face Everything And Rise


This one is very, very HARD to fully understand believe me.

First off, in a WAR there are times when YOU have to pull back and times to ATTACK (Troy 2004).

To KNOW when to do either is where WISDOM comes in...

Jesus ALREADY ordered us to flee to the mountains in Matthew 24:15-16 , when seeing the DISGUSTING THING that is Barack Obama the 666, and oh YES he will CAUSE DESOLATION.

So  is NOT because we are cowards like the ones actually carrying out these ATTACKS, but in the contrary you will need COURAGE to RUN and ABANDON everything you have worked for your ENTIRE life...

Is a TEST for YOU, to see where YOUR heart and shields are, like I already have said this before in this blog.

In merely material things that thief's can STOLE and take away anyways (believe me they will do that no matter what, please picture yourself LYING DEAD and they walking away with your "stuff"), or in Jehovah God and in spiritual things that can not be "seen", and NO ONE can ever stole nor take away from YOU...?

Good ENDING wouldn't you say?

Jehovah is the BEST DIRECTOR of the universe! Alleluia!

Are you going to be like Lots wife that LOOKED back?

Are you going to see the wilderness and TREMBLE? (The Count of Monte Cristo ending...) 

The CHOICE is YOURS, as ALWAYS...:-)

Free will my brothers and sisters, FREE WILL...


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