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Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Would YOU Do?...

Have YOU seen The Croods movie?

I just finished watching it. Great movie!

What is the MAIN message besides LIVING instead of just barely surviving?...

Is of what an "average Joe" would do when the time comes to really SURVIVE and "make it" alive to the New World!

In my first post of this blog I mentioned in the first Vision that Jehovah gave me regarding this, that He told me to RUN and hide when I saw those planes and army forces in my city (Guadalajara Mexico), but really it was my OWN trained conscience and knowledge of HIS word the Bible I had acquired until then..and I was barely 18 years old.

The whole thing is about THAT!

Just like it was for Adam and Eve when they were tempted and MISLEAD by you THINK that Jehovah was "not" watching the whole event?...:-)

HE apparently left them "alone" since later he asked them where they were right? (but He had told them what would happen if they disobeyed before hand though...), SAME here, we have the proper INFORMATION as written in Matthew chapter 24 and the book of Daniel chapter 8 (Mathew 24 makes reference to the book of Daniel). And He apparently has left us "alone" too...

Then when all is said and heard, what would YOU DO?

Wait for orders of some human Guy/s?...(your religious leaders or politicians)


NOT thanks, I am NOT crazy nor a "cave man" anymore!

Although I may sleep in those sometimes when in the wilderness...never say NEVER! :-)


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