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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Teaching System...

"The school system is designed to teach obedience and conformity, and PREVENT the child's NATURAL capacities from DEVELOPING"-Noam Chomsky

And that NOT only happens in the traditional "school system" around the world, it happens regarding GODs teachings YOUR nearest Church or "Kingdom Hall" if you are a JW!

Early on I learned that when they were giving me "study" (I started at 12 back in 1983...), there is NO way you can "think on your own"...everything is in the "book" already...THEIR books.

Even when they later on "see new light", and CHANGE teachings and "policies" (directives) that YOU thought they were CORRECT right from the are still a NOBODY with NO voice nor "vote"!

Amazingly UNRELIABLE these guys are!

Just like in the True-MAN SHOW movie....everything is a SHOW with these puppets believe me!

"TOO LATE, everything is ALREADY explored", the elementary school teacher told the Truman boy when wanting to explore the world, lol.

SAME thing has happened to ME over and over, an "Elder" (he is my OWN age, and we are not "OLD" :-)), told me that the prophesies in the Book of Daniel were ALREADY "figured out" a book written and approved by the FOOLS in the Governing Body in NY! 

YEAH Right buddy!

Then if EVERYTHING is already "figured out" and "discovered" by a bunch of FOOLS, and it has to be that WAY ALWAYS...WHY on Earth Jehovah God gave ME a BRAIN, EYES, EARS and a MOUTH if I am NOT going to USE them on MY OWN???!!!

Except to REPEAT like a puppet and robot what other FOOLS "think is best" for ME hum?

FREE WILL buddies, have YOU EVER heard of that one?

"We must be obedient to the ones in the lead", is their FAVORITE verse in the Bible of those MORONS!

If so, then you MUST be OBEDIENT to ME since I am in the "lead" (Jesus Christ is our KING and LEADER, not a sinful and imperfect man like me or THEM!).

And I am REPEATING you what Jesus said:

 "And ​YOU​ will know the truth, and the TRUTH will set ​YOUFREE."


And really STUDY on your own, not go to a brainwashing meeting session!

If you think I went "overboard" with this TRUE time when you prepare for the Watchtower "study", can you do it with out READING and highlight the very own MAGAZINE or other "society" literature?

If you start SAYING stuff that is NOT "approved" and "patented" by them, you will be SOON joining the millions of FREE Thinkers like ME...or like they tag us when talking about us: "apostates"...

We will SEE soon enough who are the Real Apostates hum?

The ones that FALL EXECUTED in the hands of satan and his puppets the Illuminati COWARDS will be them!

I will "fall" too because of my ESPECIAL assignation...but also ALL Elders and up in the Mafia, I mean "organized religion" of  Jehovah Witnesses...

And I doubt that MOST of them will be brought back to LIFE again, believe me.

And if you are wondering that if this HORRIBLE circus happens "only" with the JWs, you are WRONG  it happens EVERYWHERE in ALL religious groups as well.

No wonder Karl Max said this:

"Religion is the opium of the people"

Is a SHAME for us Christians, when an Illuminati puppet of satan like him is RIGHT.....


Update 12-2-13:


Update 12-6-13:

Update 12-22-13:

The MOST Intelligent Man (other than Jesus Christ), in Human far that is... ;-)

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