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Friday, August 23, 2013

The "Truth"...

The "Truth" is how OFTEN all Jehovah Witnesses refer to the religious organization...I KNOW since I was also a part of it for 30 years (1983-2013).

Is NOT much of a TRUTH when hiding thinks like these, is it?

Child Molester Jehovah's Witness Whose Crimes Were Covered Up By The Church Is Jailed

What duty to "God" is keeping such Horrible and Despicable behavior hidden from the AUTHORITIES hum?...

What about if it was THEIR child?

Would they still behave like mindless heartless robots as the great majority of Elders behave following "directives" of FOOLS?

There was even a Governing Body member who ABUSED young men at Bethel in Brooklyn New York for years on and on...and after it was OPEN to many people such wrong behavior, they made a "deal" with him for his life time "full time" service to "Jehovah"...and did NOT discharge him like they should have done, but with HONORS! (with a full Society's retirement check!).

They behave NO different than the Mafia organizations of this wicked world with such COVER UPS, and they CLAIM that they are the ONLY ones that will be saved, if that happens I will start defecating flowers when going to the bathroom!

And there is a TON of wrong stuff they keep silent about...because if they SPEAK the organization hierarchy cuts their HEAD OFF...they are KILLED in life, like they have done to millions through the years of Pharisee-ism at its BEST...and to ME too.

Revenge is MINE Jehovah has said...I will PAY back.

"I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the TRUTH than adore me for telling you LIES."-Pietro Aretino


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