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Friday, August 30, 2013


Kneel to ME Leonidas......because I am a "god-king" and "divine".-king Xerxes (movie 300)

"Received criticism for 'over exaggerating' the extent to which Presidents and aspiring Presidents have to bend over backwards for Israel. Suggested that perhaps the American people should demand such focus and attention for Americans ahead of any other nation and some thought it was utter garbage....

Well, why is it necessary for Every candidate and President to do this? Why do not Israeli Leaders come to America, put a cross around their neck and sing hallelujah in a Mid Town Church!

No other nation would demand this and even if it were demanded, no candidate would oblige....yet, for Israel, they practically fall over themselves to do it....

So tell me am I exaggerating the Israeli Influence? Some still refuse to acknowledge this despite knowing that every Budget for Americans is decreasing while the budget for Israel continues to increase - so Israeli's may buy properties with mortgages subsidised by probably some of the hardest working people on earth - Americans!


-Me Cesar Rubio, ONLY KNEELS to Jehovah God The ONLY TRUE GOD of the Universe, and His Son the KING of "kings", Jesus Christ



Update 4-9-14:

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