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Thursday, August 29, 2013


This is so TRUE, Jehovah God nor his beloved son Jesus Christ are NEITHER stupid nor not caring for people they LOVE, that is WHY THEY will allow what the illuminati puppets and COWARDS of satan are about to do starting in May of 2014 and until May of 2015...

To TEST where YOUR heart and SHIELD material things or in FAITH that they will PROVIDE no matter where you are in the wilderness...

Those lessons CANNOT be "bought" with money nor with WORDS.

Only with SWEAT and TRUE "suffering", that is NOT such thing really, it will be actually FREEDOM...but some people see that as suffering...

You cannot make EVERYONE happy can YOU?

"Sometimes hurt is NEEDED to make us GROW. Failure needed to makes us KNOW. LOSS is needed to make us gain. Because some lessons are best when learnt through PAIN."


Update 9:43 PM:

Like body builders at the gym say: NO Pain, NO GAIN! :-)


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