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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The 666 photo album......

YOU still think I am "wrong" about Obama being the 666?

Look as these pics, here are way MORE.

I did NOT make any of those, and I am a Pro Photographer and own several photo editing software suites, I could have easily done any of those or others even better....

But this in not a photo editing "art contest", so I don't care who made them, they are RIGHT on the money Sir! :-)


And these are UNEDITED...maybe even the one of kissing BUTT, I mean "Bud". LOL!

They are CLEAR PROOF that he is a satanic Mason-Illuminati (look at the hand shake salute with the other "comrade" Illuminati , the COWARD-ALL of then are- of Bush Caca-Shit in Spanish- like some one I know calls them :-)

"Love you BUTT, I mean bud..." :-)

I don't even want to put my NAME on this DISGUSTING THING (Matthew 24:15. Jesus was RIGHT, he is!).

Update 11-3-13:

LOL... ;-)

Update 4-7-14:

In JEHOVAH God I TRUST-LOL-777 (Exp of satan system): July 10th 2018

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