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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Festival of the Beast...

I am studying the chapter number 11 of the excellent book: Los Illuminati y El Nuevo Orden Mundial, that is mostly a recompilation in Spanish from other English books abut this subject.

That chapter is specifically of writings of Fritz Springmeier, and it talks that every 28 years there is a special festival for satan called "The Festival of the Beast".

Its mostly held in old castles in Europe...and they claim that satan himself appears in front of his followers and give ORDERS to his fleshly puppets in what to DO for the next period...

The last one was held in 2009 or 2010...and what happened then?

In 2009 the 666 Illuminati puppet Barack Obama was put in office in the "White" House! (that is like Jesus said of the pharisees that they were "clean" in the outside.... but inside is like a TOMB full of corpses and bones).

And in early 2010 satan spoke to me directly (one of 3 DIRECT apparitions in my lifetime, but the only one he did that and talked to me trough a possessed woman...the first was in 1983 in silence as "smoke" and the last in early 2012 that spoke indirectly inside a man, but he wanted me to hear him of course...the LOL 666 stuff)

Now back to the "festival" periods, add 2 zeros in the middle of get 2008!

In that year that corpse of Obama was elected!

Even the 666 Sears/Willis tower with 108 stories makes sense now...1-08!


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