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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So maybe you should be asking yourself by now, “who is this CRAZY guy” and how does he knows so much?...

Well because Jehovah my God and Jesus Christ my King have been training me since I was a little kid.
Sometimes just like the old Asian teacher taught Karate things to the Karate Kid


Yeap, that is how it works sometimes baby!

Since I was a boy I right away learned how this world is filled with INJUSTICE and how to defend myself…NO ONE is going to do it for YOU believe me, NO ONE.

But besides learning to physically defend myself, that I was very good at by the way…who doesn’t get good with some much practice? J

I learned later like the Bible says that an intelligent man it’s worth more than a hundredth STRONG ones…
So my fight now is SPIRITUAL and of Intelligence rather than Physical…for now because when I will be converted to spiritual being I would NOT want to be my enemies!

The Count of Monte Cristo anyone?...

Ok so all what I have learned in life is of HELP.

Fist Radio and TV communications and Electronics as a whole, that were my first passion besides FLYING (I had Visions of me flying since I was very young...).

Electronics would help me later in my 3-D project that is also IMPORTANT in this...I will elaborate later on this.

Then Architecture, I love it, how I discovered the two TALL horns in Daniel 8:3?

Observing and STUDYING buildings!

Mathematics I LOVE them too!

All is counted, all and what is used to do so? Numbers.

Then Social Sciences, not only from the Bible but from human history as a whole.

Then in 1989 Jehovah presented me with a VERY, very interesting field.

Black and White Large Format Photography…

What did I learn there?

That the objects and subjects in the viewfinder are upside down, like MOST things in this life!
The right is the left and the left the RIGHT!

Then that EVERYTHING from exposure to development has EXACT times!

In the Dark Room I learned to MOVE in complete DARKNESS just like this world is in!

Then when developing the Paper, images start to appear little by little…that is the way Jehovah teaches His people!

Also that NOT everything is either Black or WHITE, there are GRAY areas too. Very important to distinguish between both…

Then I moved to moving images later in life, to video recordings, and that later led me to Stereoscopic 3-D capture and display.

A passion I had since I was 7 years old but at the time, but I did not have the knowledge or anybody to teach me that…

What I learned there?

That you need two cameras to record it, like our own eyes, a LEFT one and a RIGHT order to SEE the FULL DEPTH and Dimension in things!

Most religious leaders want to find ALL the answers in the Bible…that is where they FAIL.
Who is the god of this world? 2 Corinthians 4:4

Do YOU think that he cares completely what Jehovah’s Bible says?

Nope, he has his own satanic book.

That is WHY Jesus said that his messenger, me, would tell YOU the things COMING…that OBVIOUSLY are NOT written in the Bible!-John 16:12-14

What else?

Movies of course!

They portray real life!

Even when they are “fictitious” stories most still do so!

Even cartoons or computer animated kids movies do and have GREAT lessons in them!

And what about music, that TOUCHES the HEART?

Cannot live without it baby!

That is a GIFT from Jehovah, He also LOVES it!

And then with all my “illegal” crossings in the border were also a LESSON.

YOU ALL will have to learn this if you want to SURVIVE the persecution that the Illuminati is about to UNCHAIN on YOU!

Many other things have helped me too.

But EVERYTHING would be naught if it was not by Jehovah’s Holly Spirit and His Divine Protection!
Blessed be my God the BEST Teacher in the entire UNIVERSE for all Eternity!

What the Argo guy (Ben Affleck whom is my FAVORITE actor by the way), did is NOTHING compared to this believe me…

And the ONLY reward I want is to LIVE FOREVER with the two human beings I LOVE the most in my life, my beautiful muchachitos hermosos!

The GREAT D&A Rubio.

And the MOST IMPORTANT thing and VIRTUE in ALL of these, is that I still have the HEART of a CHILD! J


Stereoscopic 3-D

Me at my HOME in Wisconsin in early 2009

Large Format B&W Photography
                Me in my FIRST Studio in Guadalajara in 1989…very skinny guy!

With my Lab clothes…

A beautiful and smart KID... ;-)


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