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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1990 and the New World Order...

Since 1990 these guys have talked about the New World Order, commencing with George Bush Senior in a United Nations speech…

I had the 2 Visions regarding this Mega Great Holocaust they were planning and will bring to fruition in May of 2015…months before September of 1990!


Jehovah indeed SEES and can HEAR everything, even in the “secret places”…

Look at this documentary of The Obama Deception by Alex Jones: (with Spanish subtitles)

And then this documentary called Hunting the Lost Symbol, based in the book The Lost Symbol by Dan Brownregarding how Washington D.C. is the MAIN First city of satan where all the power is concentrated…

Now I get it WHY they call Chicago the SECOND city…of satan of course!



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