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Monday, May 27, 2013

Judgment of the HOUSE of Jehovah God!...

“For it is the appointed time for the judgment to start with the house of God. Now if it starts first with us, what will the end be of those who are not obedient to the good news of God?”-1 Peter 4:17

I asked almost a month ago to Jehovah God in solemn pray a thing that is so good…

But I have the feeling that He may say NO…and I am pretty good at feeling things before they happen, believe me.

But regardless if He still says YES and listen to my voice, this MUST be written so EVERYONE will know WHY it happened.

I was sent not only to deliver a message of salvation but of JUDGMENT as well.

That is WHY Jehovah God and Jesus Christ actually sent me to be born in a non Jehovah Witness family at the time…wise hum?...very much so!

Jesus in Disguise

Since I started associating with Jehovah’s people back in 1983 although I LOVED IT, I began to see some things that were not right…especially from the ones in the lead, the elders and the ones aspiring to be one…

That’s WHY I never wanted to be one of them in the first place!
And I NEVER was and will never be for sure…

But why is so? Why these horrible things happen to most of these men?

Is not that inherently they are bad or want to behave like that, is “NORMAL” behavior in ANY Organization formed by IMPERFECT men.

Believe me I have extensive experience in this…in ever job I have worked I have seen the SAME thing…

Even the mafias in the world are called ORGANIZATIONS right?...;-)

Jesus knew that THIS would happen, it always happened in Jehovah’s people before, so why it would be any different at the time of the end?…

It actually was MOST expected since this generation is the WORSE of all…the most time pass the most worst humankind gets, simple.

That’s is WHY he told his disciples that he would send SOMEONE to tell them (YOU), the things coming…John 16:12-14

“That One” is me like I have already mentioned sever times here…

And what is the JUDGMENT for Jehovah’s HOUSE?

NOT GOOD! At all…


But they are PREACHING 24/7 all year round so to speak the Good News of the Kingdom aren't they? Matthew 24:14.

YES, but one thing is preaching and one very differently PRACTICING what YOU preach!

Let me elaborate more…ALL the things they say are “inappropriate” in their Organization directives that is WHAT I have been or still are in some of them!

Jehovah is so WISE that he is TEACHING them a lesson, a BIG one at that!

Firsts I wills start the JUDGEMENT with MYSELF…as its appropriate!

1-When I was born satan KNEW who I was already…just like he knew who Jesus was when he was born…and what he DID with me and my family?

He made our life MISERABLE…

My dad sold me in order to save his life and he left us…for almost 40 years!

2-My mom had to do some horrible things in order to SAVE me and escape from the horrible mafias they were persecuting us for years in the whole country (Mexico)…the Governing Body should be ASHAMED for this…and they WILL BE…at its proper time that is.

My mom’s brothers and sisters had to FLEE to Los Angeles California when all of this started because of the horrible persecution they had to suffer and ENDURE from the “authorities” that were trying to find where the “boy” was…me.

Then at the same time I started to be tormented by satan in horrible nightmares that were more like “live” than dreams let me tell ya…

I already mentioned that Jehovah God let him to be cruel to me to make me STRONG, and it worked!

Thanks Jehovah, NO ONE is as WISE as you my beloved GOD!

3-Then after all of this happened and when I was 11 years old or so we had to go search for a better “good life”...that one we NEVER had in the first place…to none other than the FAKE “promised land” of this wicked world…the United States of America.

And how we entered the country? With “honors” and fanfare as the AMBASSADORS of this world enters another country? Yeah right!

We entered undocumented, not like ILLEGALS like they call us, because the only illegal’s that put borders are THEM not us that are searching for what the very founders of that country SAID ALL have the RIGHT to pursue...

Anyways let the HYPOCRISIES aside, I will continue with my TRUTH that is sad as you can start to see…very sad.

4-For all of this and many other things that I SAW and traumatized me…I started to have problems with alcohol almost the very first time I had my first beer..that was when I was 18 years old or so…

But why?

Well I did not know what was “wrong” with me or I could see the BIG picture at the time…the only thing I remember is that alcohol made me feel a “relief”..even if it was only temporal, it was almost like been in a desert and found an “oasis” or something like that.

I am NOT saying that I drank everyday, but every weekend most often and by the way did not like to get drunk either…the hangovers are HORRIBLE, I hate them!

And how I know that? Because I got DRUNK sometimes…yeah I am NOT perfect!

But I am HONEST!

So we have 4 “NO-NO's” things in the book of “directives” from the Jehovah Witnesses Governing Body already…

Dose it ENDS there?
YOU wish buddy…but “There is still MORE” like a well know TV show conductor in Mexican Television used to said…Raul Velasco.

Come on man, my favorite show its about to start and you have more?...:-)
Yeap like my goo old ex-mother in law says!

5-Then for being a FOOL (in the Truman Show movie they call it “TOO KIND”), I married the woman I was NOT in love with at the time…and left the true love of my life GO!

My God what kind of fool Jehovah and Jesus sent as messenger!

Because of this, right away after my “honey moon” that was more like SOUR than honey…I had the WORSE time of alcohol use in my entire life, that thanks God it did not last too long…and I had a terrible car accident that almost killed me.

Here in a past chapter/post I wrote about it.

Then I went to the “wise” elders to tell them the TRUTH, and like good IMPERFECT and PARTIAL men they ARE…they expelled me (I asked them myself for that…), and that was RIGHTFUL to do, but not so rightful to “pardon” the other party…who was the one that entrapped me in the first place and HIDE it the whole time…

And it would be still “hidden” for sure if it wasn't because I TALKED!

Anyways then I repented of course (I did it BEFORE I talked to them…with JEHOVAH in PRAY…) and inside my HEART...because the PAIN I suffered for losing the woman I was in LOVE with its indescribable…I cried and cried for months and years…and NO ONE was there to dry those tears…

Only the memory of HER.

What? A married man in LOVE with another woman, like in the Truman Show movie? Get OUT of here you don’t belong with US! That is STRIKE number 6 by the way!

7-TRYING to get “off the hook” of those CHAINS, it led me to commit a serious SIN, like David did too with Bathsheba…but it did NOT work and then later our two beautiful sons were born…because of THEM I endured such marriage!

Stupid hum?

8-Then because of my CONSCIENCE I let my beard grow (There is NOTHING WRONG with it!)…while I attended meeting for year…and because of THIS, they would not “reinstate” me…because I was “not clean”…oh man these guys are FUNNY!

I would STOP there, “fair enough” wouldn't you say it?


9-All of these has FORGIVENESS in their “book, but NOT the WORST of all, that not only removes a person from the Organization but from LIFE itself (anyways they CLAIM ALL that are expelled or not in the organization will DIE anyhow..).

But this is SERIOUS since they not only “kill you” they do it in FOREVER terms, they send you not to Hades (first dead) but to Gehenna (the second dead from where is NO return of…)

My God the mafia guys that are PERSECUTING me are “saints” in comparison to these MAFIOSO cold blooded and HEARTLESS Pharisees!

At least they have ONE face, while you have TWO!

And what is that “unforgivable sin”?

Apostasy”, but WHY me, man?

Haven’t I ENDURED horrible things already?

You got to be KIDDING ME!

And they call me that “honorees” title because I KNOW the DAY of Armageddon!

Since they FAILED miserably in all their past predictions, NO ONE can do it, supposedly…because in their OWN eyes they are the “good guys” of the movie…if they are the good ones HOW the BAD ones are?!
This is MADNESS Leonidas! (from the 300 movie!)

Ok LISTEN buddies, I do not know the END like you were claiming and searching for…I know the START, maybe if you read CAREFULLY the name of this blog you would have DISCOVERED that right from the BEGINNING wouldn't you “wise men”…satan is RIGHT you ALL are FOOLS!

So 9 is “good enough” since is the 6 inverted, and the 6 means human IMPERFECTION.

Ok buddies NOW is YOUR TURN!

So grab to your seats very WELL, and ask for a six pack of Coronas beer (what else? is MEXICAN like me..!), I can ASSURE you that you will need them like Itzhak Stern DRANK a drink with Oskar Schindler in the movie Schindler List.

And he did NOT drink!

First off like YOU Judge you will be JUDGED Jesus said it clearly…

And whom is going to JUDGE YOU?

Music from the Jaws movie in the background…it’s a GREAT movie, I watched it in 3-D in 1983, my defunct Aunt Irma Margarita took us there in Los Angeles to see it...she was another VICTIM of satan in all of this by the way…

Why? Because she LOVED me like the son she never had…and she CHOSE my names, Horacio Cesar…Horacio, the one that counts the HOURS remember that one?...

She was more PURE in her HEART than you all heartless Pharisees!

Ok back to the JUDGE, do you know WHO may be among them?

The least that you would expect, dear brother Raymond Franz!

WHAT, are you nuts?

I hear that a LOT, so no offense taken :-)

Not because he was RIGHT 100%, NOBODY is…human that is.

But because he was HONEST.

Jehovah and Jesus VALUE that more than a 100 bulls of sacrifice (again…like in the Gladiator movie...sorry I am a movie guy!).

Why is so that the Governing Body FORBID Jehovah Witnesses to READ that “satanic” book while they themselves READ IT?

For the ones that do not know this man is the “one” it can be said, Gerrit Lösch the most veteran member of the Governing Body, with almost 20 years in such “high” place…

I want to be the LEAST and at the bottom!

And this is the book he is reading in that picture Crisis of Conscience, that I don’t think is “photo-shopped”…

That book was published in 1983, the very same year I started to associated with them…I did not read it though until recently as its FORBIDDEN to do so by them.

This is exactly the DOUBLE standards dear brother R. Franz talks about THEY have it his book!

You can download that book for free in many places in the internet, I did it here.

Yes I know that is not right to do so since it’s called “piracy”, but I can warranty you that brother Franz is VERY happy in HEAVEN looking g at us doing so if we are going to READ IT…the TRUTH is FREE and will set YOU FREE!

So ok what is the Judgment for ya guys BESIDES all of THESE points I have outlined of MY wrongdoing, that will be back to you as a “rebound”?...

There is a WISE saying that mentions that: “What GOES around…COMES around!” Have you heard it before?

And it’s not just a “worldly” saying per say, its BIBLICAL too isn't it TRUE?

I have NO time nor zeal in telling YOU all of what YOUR Elders have done to me my ENTIRE life in FOLLOWING directives from YOU.

But for the sake of it I will mention SOME of them…in a JUDGMENT you MUST present EVIDENCE don’t YOU?

You have NO LOVE, MERCY not the TRUTH in YOU.

The TRUTH does NOT need to be defended nor HIDDEN, the LIE does, and the lie has NO power over the TRUTH.

That is WHY you are SO AFRAID of brothers and sisters of reading “apostate” literature don’t YOU?

They would FLEE the Organization in masses, and will let you where you deserve to be at, in the STREET with NO Job at all!
And you are NOT willing to leave behind that NICE life at Bethel that is 5 star hotel life isn't it true?

"Over our dead bodies buddy!"

Yeap I know, don’t you worry so, what you WISH you will GET!

While I agree that most apostates fall in the hands of satan and MANY things apostates claim are plain LIES, not all it is so. Like the honest writings of brother Raymond Franz, that are TRUE aren't they guys?...

Your elders have done to me things that not even my wicked persecutors have done to me…for example everywhere I go, be a hospital, jail, or at the street running from them, they ALWAYS show up to pay their “respects”!

While you are MISSING from the movie!

My God this is like my old Large Format Photography camera where all its upside down in the viewfinder!

PLEASE read Matthew 25:41-46 would ya guys?

Even people that do NOT believe in GOD, and I know WHY this is for the great majority… is because of the hypocrisy they SEE in ALL religions!...they have been GOOD Samaritans with me and have opened not only their homes doors while I was homeless but their HEARTS that is FAR more important!

I have been given DRINKS of soda or water and FOOD by people that are “worldly” and “wicked” in the Organizations book…

While they have CLOSED ALL doors for me, not only physical ones but of COMPASSION, they don’t even want to LISTEN to me, and I am the ONE that has Jehovah’s and Jesus Christ PLAN for THEIR salvation!

Some people who have SEEN this with their OWN very eyes can NOT believe this!

Neither do I…

Didn't Jesus COMMAND us to LOVE our enemies and give them to DRINK or to EAT if asked?

Even if NOT asked…there are things that does NOT need words do they?

How can you JUDGE and “override” Jehovah’s Holly spirit?

You are DOING the same as your fathers did, the Pharisees and Scribes in Jesus time!

If a person is BAPTIZED it’s DONE, no going back, even if that person lied of hide some information in order to be “approved” by you, and that would not be surprising at all since you put miles and miles of YOUR Rules in people in between to do so... when done, the matter its in Jehovah’s hands now.

Where in the Bible says you can do that?

Didn't a woman TOUCHED Jesus clothes and just by doing so she was CURED?

And she was “Not supposed” to do that was she?

Jesus is not whom you FOLLOW, if it was so you would be PRACTICING what he thought us…like the Prodigal son and the Good Samaritan, that you DO NOT understand at all…less practice!

So what Jehovah and Jesus is going to DO or better said let the ENEMY DO to you?

You ALL will be killed if you don’t REPENT before May of 2014!

That was the PRIZE you were expecting for your “mercy and love” to the lesser ones?

You are mislead!

So you better THINK TWICE!

This is getting SERIOUS!

Very much so!

So what are MY “recommendations” to You as You have also given it to ME my entire life? (Payback time baby, I LOVE IT!:-))

STOP fooling yourselves and FREE Jehovah’s people Pharaohs!

It’s NOT a coincidence either that Jehovah OPENED my EYES and let me knew WHO really I was and what was my mission He sent me to complete in life when I was 40 YEARS from the time I was conceived in my beautiful mother’s womb…Note: not even born.

See? I was born in July of 1971, and that happened in February of 2012…let’s do some math, I LOVE it too! :-)

July, August, September, October, November, December, January and February when I fully ACCEPTED the assignment.

It was February 27th of 2012 when I made the blog PUBLIC to the world.

So that makes it 7 months after July 26th…

But who is counting DAYS?…I don’t even know if I was born prematurely like TRUE-MAN...maybe it was so!

Or maybe Jehovah had to RUSH thing...

Since satan was EAGER to sent me to sleep with the fishes and Jehovah’s PLAN would fail…see? satan is NOT in “ deep darkness” like you say he is…YOU ARE!

He calculated times and he KNEW even before me what was going ON!

After all he was EXPECTING me, WHO else was besides him? Tell me of all the FALSE prophets after Jesus came to earth, WHO has claimed to be “The ONE” as stated in John 16:12-14?…

And I am NOT a false prophet, I talk the TRUTH like Truman…:-)

You guys do NOT know in how mysterious WAYS Jehovah WORKS!


There is NOTHING impossible for Him, is it?

Like an anointed one like MYSELF, be resurrected as a human being later after he or she completes his/her celestial assignment…

That is “no Biblical” you are THINKING, of course NO!

I have NEW information…the things COMING rings a Bell in here?

My God guys how can you be “Teachers”, if you are NOT good STUDENTS yourselves!?

Ok I am just a MESSENGER, it’s up to YOU to decide what You are going to do and HOW…I have a LOT of problems to deal with myself, I already completed MY mission…you are GROWN UP men that KNOW what to do don’t ya?

FREE Jehovah’s people and STAND DOWN from your positions, that YOU have elevated yourselves in to!

I ALREADY made a deal with the enemy for Jehovah’s People in the Eye for an Eye warning update of April 30th of 2013, but YOU are NOT in it…

Jehovah’s DOES not support or care for Mafioso’s like yourselves…and unfortunately the rest believe that you are the “ONES” chosen…yeah right!


Can you PICTURE in your “beautiful minds” what is going to happen to YOU in May of 2014?

If you cannot, don’t you worry, I CAN since I am in the “movie show business", YOU all Elders and up in the chain mail of the “Society“ (quote from the A.I. movie) will be executed in FRONT of your congregations and the REST will be LET go!

You want that?

To be the STUPID “heroes” in this wicked dark movie?

That’s WHY I chose this day, Memorial DAY

I am OK with that ENDING, but the problem is that the REST of Jehovah’s OBEDIENT people won’t last too long in the wilderness if they are NOT prepared and trained before hand…and that my “friends” it’s Not an “alternate ENDING” that me, my King Jesus Christ nor Jehovah OUR God would like to SEE at ALL!
So something is gonna happen BEFORE that let me tell ya folks!

Lastly-I am TIRED of this for God’s sake-, even though is the MOST blessed assignment ANY men could have had in history of human kind besides the one of Jesus himself, its also the most difficult and painful to carry on!

If it wasn't for Jehovah’s HELP I would have NEVER been able to completed it, so ALL the Glory and Praise GOES to my BELOVED GOD!



WHOEVER is NOT like a CHILD is NOT going to Inherit Jehovah Gods and Jesus Kingdom!

That is WHY I also chose April 30th of 2013, Children’s DAY in Mexico, to release this MESSAGE!

“And said: “Truly I say to YOU, Unless YOU turn around and become as young children, YOU will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens.” -Matthew 18:3

“TRULY, Yours”: 

Armageddon Messenger.

Update December 1st of 2015:

Daniel 11:33 (New International Version):

"Those who are wise will instruct many, though for a time they will fall by the SWORD or be burned or captured or plundered.


 The "Wise Men" were All FOOLS...

What to DO?

KILL them ALL.

Daniel 11:33.


MY Vengeance, of ME: The Intelligent ONE of Revelation 13:18.



  1. In 1 John it says, "If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us, but if we confess our sins GOD/Yah'weh is Faithful and JUST to forgive us our sins AND cleanse us from all unrighteousness." To believe that requires the gift of "Grace"[undeserved kindness?]-in fact the "Fruits of the Spirit" are all gifted by God/Yah'weh freely, but many can not or will not receive such gifts. As the Pharisees once ascribed a miracle of Yah'shu'ah[How DOES one derive "Jesus" from that bit of Aramaic is beyond me. I can pronounce it fine, but if Anglicizing it was needed-wouldn't Joshua be closer?..I digress.]as originating from Beelzebub, Prince of Demons, context from which He stated, "Every Sin shall be forgiven men, except Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit..."

    My Mother was cast out for smoking cigarettes and recently died alone but for us few surviving family members. When asked by his disciples about how often they should forgive their Brother[Sister], even seven times? He said, Even 70 X Seven[ or contextually-as often as needed]

    It states succinctly following the model prayer in Matthew, "If you forgive others their sins, then your Father in Heaven will forgive you yours...however, if you DO NOT forgive the sins of others, then your Father in Heaven will not forgive you yours..."

    I don't think unforgiven sin gets you either to Heaven OR Paradise.

  2. Hi Brother, I am sorry to hear about your beloved Mother sad experience.

    There are far WORSE sins than smoking cigarettes, like ABANDONING people for small things like this for example!

    The organization even permitted to smoke cigarettes before, I think in the early 70s or so they started to forbid it.

    They went TOO FAR with their Pharisees "cleanness", to the point to call "unclean" a CLEAN creation of Jehovah God Himself!

    The Men its incredible how satan go trough their COLD unloving hearts.

    This shows you very simple and clearly, how twisted they are in their sick minds and hearts.

    No wonder millions of Witnesses live in a LIE most of their lives, hiding their sins from the "ones in the lead", who have a ready sword to cut peoples throats rapidly, not realizing the severe DAMAGE that they with that do to them personally, and to their already LOW esteems...

    EYE for an EYE Jehovah God the Almighty has said, with the SAME cold unloving heart, they ALREADY have been judged.

    With soon to be executed (by the 666 force in May of 2014), DEATH sentences.

    At least 300,000 of these satanic APOSTATES, will fall by the sword.

    Armageddon Avenger.