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Monday, May 27, 2013

FREE Agent of Jehovah God!

I had written and posted this information before, but then I later removed was not the “right time” but it IS NOW.

Rock & Roll baby!

Anyhow, YOU ALL TRUE Servants of Jehovah God will be FREE as well in May of the latest.


So I go FIRST please...:-):

Today February 28th of 2013, me AM-Cesar Rubio declare myself a FREE agent of Jehovah God.

I know Jehovah God since 1983, and it was through the Jehovah Witnesses, whom I learned His divine plan of salvation and the restoration of Paradise on Earth, as it was the purpose since the creation of the world and human kind.

So God bless them for their Good News worldwide preaching work of this, that indeed is Jehovah’s command.

But they have gone “off course” in many IMPORTANT areas as well...

1-They claim that having a beard is “bad” (even when they portray Jesus himself and the rest of the Bible prophets with one…even the Angels whom they have never seen or are depicted in the Bible in detail, and BTW I have seen them in visions and they DON’T have one!…), and they don’t allow Bible students that have one to even enroll in the “Bible school” (when they start to give 5 minute Bible readings at congregations). Less to preach the Good News in public with them…and the worst of ALL they don’t allow them to get baptized…if they don’t “obey God” , thought them, that supposedly they are the “anointed” and representatives in the world of HIM…)

Who created the beard?

Satan the devil? If it was him, then I would agree that is “bad”.

But satan din not create anything, including humans, it was Jehovah God.

And if He created men to grow a beard, WHO can contradict him and say its “bad”…only a heretic would do this…

2-They claim that NO ONE besides them will be saved…WHO are they to claim this another heresy statement, the JUDGES of the World?

Jehovah God is LOVE and there are MANY, MANY people who are doing a LOT of good in the world (even some “atheists”)…even more than most Witnesses that think that only “preaching” and “attending meetings” they will be “automatically saved”…they are WRONG!

While I agree that those things are important (they are mandates in the Bible) there are OTHERS as well very important, like helping the poor, be compassionate and loving…25,000 human beings DIE of hunger every single day in the world…

Why the JWs Governing Body when requesting the monthly “field preaching report” to all witnesses, they don’t include an extra line in HOW many people they helped in practical matters as well…

In the congregations “read of financial accounts”, WHY they don’t send money as well to organizations that FEED the poor, or work in other important causes as well?

Jesus clearly said that what ever we do to the “lesser one” among us, we are doing it to HIM, and he was not referring to JWs alone…(like they like to think…)

3-They treat disfellowshipped ones (expelled), like people from the “world”…it would be good if they indeed did that, since they are very compassionate with “worldly” people in order to “attract them” to the “truth”…

Lessons that Jesus told us like the one of the Parable of the Good Samaritan…they don’t even have a CLUE what that really means…

They say that if a disfellowshipped goes dead in that state, he/she WONT resurrect!!!

Where is that WRITTEN in the Bible please?

Again, they take the place of a JUDGE and is complete heresy…

4-Now that I have sent letters to them regarding the “possible” date of The Start of Armageddon in 2018…they say that I am an “apostate”…

How nice hum?

Was also an “apostate” the very founder of JWs, our dear brother Charles T. Russell?

He tried to figure “this out” many times, being the most famous date the one of 1914

An honest and noble intent to alert others…

To be “prepared” and “ready”...but where they really ready?

Nope, they though that they would be taken automatically to heaven, while the rest of the “bad ones” will ALL be destroyed…GREAT, yeah right!

Besides this point, it was NOT Jehovah’s time...but NOW it is…to get prepared as explained in this whole blog.

For these and MANY other reasons that I don’t want, and have time to enumerate here ( go to other sites of ex-JWs so you can have an idea…)

Jehovah did NOT choose them to DELIVER this message, the MOST important in history, since the creation of human kind more than 6000 years ago…(actually the whole Bible talks about THIS moment…Armageddon and the end of satan “reign” in this world, as explained in Genesis 3:15)

While not ALL is negative in what they are doing, they also need some “adjustments” to be made (like anybody else, including ME…), Jesus said that at his comeback, he would start judging his OWN “house”…well this is HIS JUDGEMENT!

And if you don’t listen to HIM (not me as I am only the messenger) and OBEY and get prepared for Armageddon in 2018, and the following 40 years of Great Tribulation (they claim is the other way around, but again they are WRONG!)…YOU also will DIE!

No exceptions for ANYBODY.

Jehovah is a JUST GOD and he LOVES all of His creatures, even the bad ones…that is why He gives them/us many, many times to repent and CHANGE!

I rather OBEY Jehovah, my own Biblical educated conscience & heart, than men.

“We must obey God rather than men”-Acts 5:29.New American Standard Bible.

Cesar Rubio, aka Armageddon Messenger.

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