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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Update 11-23-14:

Update 7-20-14:

Georgia Guidestones

Dis-illuminated Monument, ANNOUNCING the Upcoming ( I KNOW...) satanic NWO.

Update 6-17-14:

"Agenda 21" , the dis-illuminated PUPPETS of satan call it!

Original Writing:

I've been thinking very carefully regarding the the two Visions of Armageddon I had in 1990...

I realize NOW that although are the start of Armageddon are NOT the REAL Armageddon...


Because in the second Vision I saw people burying their death, very few but there where still doing it...that wont happen after Armageddon as the Bible says that NO ONE will bury their corpses and they will be eaten by the eagles...

So what I saw then?


If Hitler that is also believed to be or manipulated by the Illuminati killed more than 6 million innocent people, these guys now want to do the same times 1000!

More than 6000 Million they PLAN to kill in the entire world commenting with the religious persecution in May of 2014.

Then after the USA and China fall, then even in May of 2015 they will start the MGH!

It will be all quick, they already have the key pieces of their chess game in place all over the world...both mega execution will take 30 days at most...

They are BRIGHT geniuses, that's WHY they call themselves the Illuminati, (The Iluminados in Spanish...) just like Lucifer, the devil himself who gives them guidance and supposedly this wisdom...

Yes because I saw the sky full of planes but there was NO attack...they will scare people to get them OUT of their homes and guide them to execution... that's the long line of people I saw were heading out of Guadalajara..

Just like Hitler did when executing people in the concentration camps...

They are master minds and they already have the PRACTICAL experience to carry this out perfectly.

Mexican people are NOT Aryan white the illuminati founders were and still are WHITE...they use people from all countries NOW in their lines but when the RIGHT time comes they will execute them too.

They have done that many times already even WHITE guys like them ANY other mafia executes their members when asked by the heads and bosses...

So the aftermath will be MOST people that are not white, but supposedly pure blood like them will be executed...just like Obama that is a puppet will be...

Even when his mother was white...they don't care, its NOT pure blood in their twisted demoniac minds...

But the start of Armageddon STILL hold true...

When I figured out the date, I did it in a different way, but is very clear and simple to me now...

Jehovah will play into the devils OWN territory...

July 4th is the INDEPENDENCE day in the United States of satan and HUMAN IMPERFECTION number, 6 is July 10th...

Now 666, three times six equals 18.
July 10th of 2018!
And sayonara satan and your Independent FAILED world!

Just like the Titanic that only needed 5 compartments to sink the ship, May is the fifth month that these guys chose for their main key COMING attacks.

This is what Jesus said in John 16:12 14 messenger WOULD TELL YOU about what was and IS COMING...not pretty hum?

YOU were expecting to go to heaven or pass alive into Jehovah's New World that easy?...

Sorry to disappointing you, if the MASTER Jesus Christ suffered a LOT, WE the SLAVES will have to do that as well...

Also an interesting piece of information...did YOU know that the Titanic was NOT the Titanic?

It was her sister ship the Olympic that was doomed by a previous accident at sea, and in order to recover the insurance money they changed the ships and sake it!

These wicked guys are GOOD in what they do...

Like the Twin Towers attacks, The Holocaust The American Civil War and most of the MAIN GREAT disasters caused by MEN that you can think of....that they have been and STILL are behind of...

They killed President Abraham Lincoln because he defeated them and got rid of slavery in the USA...

And they also assassinated John F. Kennedy who wanted to supposedly destroyed them...poor man he was too naive, these guys MAKE and GET RID of ANYONE they want to....

Yes even the most powerful man on the he was and before him Lincoln was too, and now Obama...

Sorry Barack, even with your 666 FALSE title you CARRY, you will also be executed!

Regarding YOU, please DO NOT wait until the Titanic starts to SINK in May of 2014, when YOU will realize the SERIOUS PROBLEM you and your LOVED ones are in at the will be too late for ALL of YOU!

Your captains and crew of your ship you may be in will NOT help you much..and they will SINK and DRAWN with their ships they built and MIS-GUIDED!

The English men go by the book they said in the Titanic movie... that's WHAT happens when YOU DO that...
Like the Pharisees, dint they supposedly went by the book too?

FOOLS! satan knows more because his age that because of he being the devil...he has seen it ALL.

But YOU can still WIN, go by YOUR HEART instead of following fools that will get YOU KILLED!

TIME is running OUT, like Mr. Andrews was looking at the ships clock when the Titanic was sinking...

And what the Captain did?

That's the SAME thing YOUR HUMAN Leaders will do at the time!...

If they are NOT killed by others directly....

I have ONLY ONE LEADER Jesus Christ, and ONE GOD Jehovah the Almighty...


And if THEY say RUN and HIDE, YOU better DO that!

Update 9-22-13:

"The BIGGEST false assumption made by people: Our government wouldn't do that to US. The German Jews thought the same thing before the Nazis came for them"

-Oh yeah, they will come for YOU too!

Update 10-3-13:

"Every GREAT Atrocity is the RESULT of people "just" following ORDERS"-Of FOOLS by the WAY!

Update 12-11-13:


Update 12-12-13:

Update 12-19-13:

MAY-Day, Mayday.....

Update 1-6-14:

"Come on Hades"

Armageddon Messenger.

Update 1-31-15:

This how how the satanic Dis-Illuminated Mafia will KILL Billions of People (besides DIRECT Warfare on WW3), they will get them OUT of their Homes and Cities-Towns supposedly to get them to "Safety" from War and an "Imminent Allies-Extraterrestrials Invasion"...

Then they will BEHEADED them ALL!

Why this ANCIENT Old PROVEN Method?

Because its SILENT and Cheap, Bullets would SCARE People Away of Coors Beer!



Why Did the U.S. Government Recently Purchase 30,000 Guillotines?

Why Does the Government Need Guillotines?

Can YOU hear the DRUMS "Fernando"?...

ABBA - Fernando 

Independence Day (United States)

(The Obelisk represents satan the "god" of this World, Erected Verga-Dick!)

May 1st 2015 will (Plan) B, 239 Years after the satanic Mafia Illuminati Foundation in 1776 (SAME Year as the USA!).

2+3+9= 14

  May 14!

(2015, ONE Year later in how I got it at FIRST!...)


  1. Not trying to make a thing about this but I think the world holocaust is being thrown around a lot

  2. "The BIGGEST false assumption made by people: Our government wouldn't do that to US. The German Jews thought the same thing before the Nazis came for them"

    -Oh yeah, they will come for YOU too!


  3. Philip: if the river makes noise is because.....