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Friday, June 7, 2013

The 3 Sixes

These bastards are the last 3 sixes in history.

1-Barack Obama the MAIN Antichrist, who also deserves the 666 title by himself for what he is about to do

2-Pope “Francisco” or Francis, is the same FAKE names both as HE is too, Illuminati-Mason grade 33 (the highest rank among that satanic cult), he is going to “give up” the Vatican and hence the ENTIRE world wide Catholic Church without a fight, clever that satan hum?...very much so.

Ok so we have so far the 2 sixes representing the governments and the false religion, but we still need the last piece of the “puzzle”, the one representing the mafia in the commercial side of this satanic world…

I've been thinking on this one for a while, at the beginning I thought it was one of my enemies in the Triangle chapter, JJ nevertheless a POWERFUL demon, he is still small change in comparison to the REAL one…

My main enemy started with $300 dollars selling sunglasses in the street in the early 70s I think, today he has a 2.8 billion worth according to Forbes! Wow he must have a “magic ball” or something that bastard!

Or maybe…he sold his wicked soul to satan…yeah what else? His camera company and his ATTITUDE spells satan all over!

But nevertheless since he “found me first”, finders keepers, he is the "luckiest" sucker with the BIGGEST prize in the game, the one in charge of sending me to sleep with the fishes, but NOT yet, not YET (From Gladiator…:-)).

Ok but lest go to the ONE now, at one time I also thought of Mr. Steve Jobs for many reasons, but first off he is a goner, and this bastard MUST be alive TODAY…that Apple bitten logo was a great “sign” though…

Then my Mexican fellow Carlos Slim whom at time is the richest man on the world, but he does NOT count since he is just a puppet of Mexican “Ex-President” (he is STILL the president since Enrique Pena Nieto is his puppet too..) Carlos Salinas de Gortari whom is also a demon Illuminati…why you think he fled to Ireland when he was persecuted for ALL his crimes he did during in his infamous presidency (1988-1994), he bankrupted the entire country in 1994, hundreds if not thousands committed suicide just because of this.

He ordered the assassinations of hundredths if not thousands of his enemies, the most famous was the “puppet” he thought he has chosen to “replace him” but then he rebelled against him, Luis Donaldo Colosio, and his OWN brother in law, Jose Franciso Ruiz Massieu head at the time of the MOST corrupt political party in Mexican history…the PRI, what else?...

Remember what I already mentioned last year here in my blog about “the PRImeros being the last ones” Jesus foretold about? (The first will be the last..).

Ok but Mexico is not the “center of the world” right?

So then WHO is the last 6? Come on man I need to go buy groceries spitted it out NOW! :-)

Ok buddy, I think you have a slight anger management problem man!

3-Bill Gates is.


Dint you mention him as being a “good guy” in your Book about 3-D? (By the way that book has being downloaded at least 2000 times by now, since I have had it in many places for download, 300 is NOT the real number..)

Yes I did, satan is a mastermind in disguise and so are his puppets…

First, he is today’s FIRST Billionaire as of 6-6-13 according to the Bloomberg List, with a Net worth of 71.5 Billions, second billionaire on Forbes List as of March of 2013 with 67 U.S Billion dollars worth (but he has given away Billions more before, I think as much as HALF of his fortune so that makes him the richest ever…), and he is the 4 most POWERFUL man on the world according to Forbes too.

Of course that the REAL money powers of this satanic world have MORE money than the ones published on these lists, but this GAME is of the ones that show their FACES not of the COWARDS in the closet...

Back to Gates, how he got to the top from “0”, stealing Steve Jobs idea and secrets!

That RAT!

I wonder WHY Steve dint kill him when he had the chance?...maybe because BOTH were satanists at the time?

Could it be…Rat can NOT eat Rat!

There are a lot of these two guys being satan worshipers on the web, just Google it.

Here is one of Gates.

Oh man and I am writing this in a Windows 7 Pro computer!

When are the GOOD guys going to INVENT anything GREAT hum?

I know in Jehovah’s and Jesus New World that is about to COME, but ladies first, so lest give pass to satans Illuminati New World Order ok? :-)

Yeah because if we don’t do that, then the “poor” satan and his “children” will say “is not fair”, YOU did not give us the right chance, yeah LIARS like if more than 6000 year is NOT ENOUGH of your BS!

Ok let’s go back to the van to go FIND more demons Scooby Doo! :-)


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