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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Summer…

Have you noticed that the wealthiest countries in the world are in the North pole?

WHY could that be? Because it’s the PERFECT trap that satan designed since long ago…

Do you think he is stupid? You don’t have an idea buddies!

This is the LAST summer time people in those snowy cold winters have to prepare.

In Wisconsin the spring starts pretty much in May and the good weather ends in October, 6 months…

In November the cold starts.

And now we are in June, so if we stretch the training preparations until November we still have around 180 days…we need to change COURSE the same, 180 degrees, NOW!

Because NEXT May of 2014 GAME OVER baby!

So what to do NOW then?

If you have a home or any kind of property or money in the bank, liquidate those IMMEDIATELY and quit your jobs or school, and go to the center parts on the earth please!

Train, train and train! For what is coming…

A fierce persecution like NEVER seen before in human history, while I made a deal with the enemy already it won’t last long probably…remember Pharaohs attitude after he let go free Jehovah’s people? These people are just like him, they have severe physiological sick mental states!

Do you think that cold blooded heartless murderers, that are GENIUSES by the way in what they do, will let YOU go free for long?...

They don’t like it “easy”, actually they PLAY games of power and conquers their entire lives, is how they advance “curtains” in their satanic rituals, the most a person advances in power and wealth the better GRADE they obtain…Its SICK how satan plays with these peoples minds who SOLD their souls to him.
They are controlled by him like hypnotized people, so forget it he will be “kind” for long with YOU people!
WISE UP for God sake!

ACT NOW, NOW you understand?

The Titanic ALREADY crashed with the iceberg and the SHIP is sinking!

Remember what Jesus said that it would come like a thief, that’s exactly like it came!

But Jehovah and Jesus being LOVING with their people, gave MORE TIME so they don’t have to suffer MORE than they should…and it will be 40 years of TEST!

NOT EASY in my book as far as I know, I can warranty you that already…

But I am afraid that MANY won’t put any attention and will be like Lots wife and cherish MORE their possessions than their lives.

Exactly like a LOT of people did in the real Titanic…this ship ”cannot” sink!

Yeah right please READ the Awake magazine from 1983 (1982 in English), with such horrible experience a brother had who was a boy back then!

I see many, many Jehovah Witnesses with luxury cars even in this “poor” country of Mexico (in Guadalajara), and GOOD homes they live in, some have prosper businesses…oh man they WILL suffer a LOT just by leaving that behind.

Good thing I have never being wealthy money wise!

The poor will suffer the same or even less, in the wilderness they won’t be SLAVES of anybody!

Who is YOUR worst enemy? Like I already said your OWN heart!

And regarding those old guys in the Governing Body I don’t think that they are in a GOOD position of physical health, to want to go to live to the wilderness any time soon…

So please other younger brothers in Bethel besides the ones from the GB, YOU know what to DO then.

Jehovah God and Jesus our King are giving YOU permission to bring in a Revolution!

DO it NOW!

If you LOVE Jehovah’s people…


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