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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bilderberg World Take Over!

Updated Video: 3-16-15

Today June 6 of 2013 starts the LAST infamous Bilderberg Group World Wide take over meeting.

In May of 2014 ALL hell will be unchained, so there will be no more need for “meetings” anymore…

It’s a shame that you are LATE 7 years from 6-6-06, otherwise it would PERFECTLY “fit” for the record…

But since you are IMPERFECT 6s…Lastima Margarito! J

The made in purpose “divisions” that they want to give the appearance for its dismissal or END of life of these satanic meetings, that is going on with its members its pure CIRCUS.

They are masters in disguise morons, what can you expect if it’s the ONLY thing that they can do “good”…

So take your “pics” to post them in Facebook because they MAY be worth a “fortune” from May of 2015 until July 10th of 2018, when is going to be GAME OVER for their New World Order CIRCUS!

Some many centuries for this, and it will only last 3 SHORT years.

That is what idiot morons get from their dirty work!

Hasta la Vista, well hasta FOREVER NEVER Morrons!

Only 16 million morrons but NOT YOU for sure, will be let alive to continue as PUPPETS…even the STUPID of satan is useful sometimes…


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