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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Every body SEES what they WANT to see...

Have YOU seen the Sixth Sense movie?

Its from 1999 a CRUCIAL year in all of this...

I KNOW that the GREAT majority of people when they die they are DEAD, unconscious like the Bible says dead ones are: “sleeping the DEEP dream”, satan puts the IDEA in people that they are “immortal” and when they die they will continue “living”.

That is WHAT he LIED about and told our first terrestrial fathers Adam and Eve right?

That they would NOT die like Jehovah told them they would if disobeyed Him...

But if satan claim was true instead of a BIG LIE, the biggest of them all besides that they would be converted to “god status”, then WHY the Bible talks about a Future RESURRECTION after Armageddon and the Great Tribulation?

If people continue living after dead that would NOT make sense would it?...

But there ARE people that DON'T Die, like the 144,000 anointed mentioned in the book of Revelation, I AM one of them (NOT chosen my self though...).

Anyways this post is NOT to debate that, is to point an IMPORTANT fact of that movie (I always try to FILTER the good from the bad in things...), that MOST people SEE what they WANT to see in life...

(Cole Sear: Walking around like regular people. They don't see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're dead.)

If they have not seen or talked to satan da devil, then he “does not exist” right?

To them because he is REAL...I have seen and talked to him 3 times in my life already.

NOT that I “summed” him, he came to ME all by himself!

But WHY?

Because he KNOWS WHO I am!

“That One” mentioned in John 16:12-14!

The same for Jehovah God, and even some Morons claim that Jesus Christ “never existed”, they are like “Saint Thomas” until SEEN things with their very OWN eyes then they DON'T believe!

Can YOU see gravity or air?

Do THEY exist?

Ok back to the point, some people I have talked to (some close friends of mine) seems that they WANT to live in a “Crystal FANTASY Ball”, they have told me that EVERYTHING is the Consequences of YOUR own ACTS and Decisions....

While this makes sense and its TRUE at certain degree (like if you don’t RUN and HIDE for what is COMING you will DIE...), is not ENTIRELY correct is it?

Just THINK about it, if you have never heard or seen the demon puppets of satan the despicable Illuminati, then they “don’t exist” correct? In your “dreams buddy”!

They are REAL like their “god” satan is too!

And what they are GOING to DO is also real!

I am NOT the only one talking about this am I?

Did I “invented them” then for a fiction movie or something?...

These demons existed BEFORE I was born and I can assure you that after my “departure” they still will be here for a while...

The boy in the movie (who is-was my FAVORITE KID actor Haley Joel Osment also say to the doctor: “They DON'T know they're dead”...

Exactly like MOST people are TODAY!

Besides being SPIRITUALLY dead, that will also be for “REALS” for what the Illuminati have in the WORKS for them!

Even if they would not GET RID of them, my King Jesus Christ and his POWERFUL Celestial Army (in which I AM going to be in the FRONT LINE too...) will exterminate MOST of them at Armageddon in July 10th of 2018.

The “god” of this world satan the devil is a master mind, here in Mexico we have a saying that goes: “The devil KNOWS more because of his is a devil than for his longevity”....

But age makes some one an EXPERT isn't it TRUE?

He has SEEN it ALL. With his wicked very OWN eyes!

Even a LOT of information that was NOT written in the Bible he KNOWS!

And like they say also: “The devil is in the details”...

1 John 5:19 ASSURES that the ENTIRE world is in his POWER.

Everyone NO exceptions, even the “good guys”...NO Human is 100% GOOD, ALL the time like Jesus also said.

This does not mean that EVERYONE is wicked and blind at all times correct?

But in the END what it counts most are the DETAILS, aren't they?....

Like the “Slight Detail” that it will COST YOUR own life, if you don’t “calculate its TRUE north”....(like Lincoln says in the movie...).

Which detail?

The one Jesus foretold when seeing the 666 and his GIANT army of human demons, and what they are going about to do!

Therefore, when YOU catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,) then let those in “Ju‧de′a” (everywhere in the world) begin fleeing to the mountains -Matthew 24:15

Did he say “STAY and FIGHT”?


But Christians are not supposed to be COURAGEOUS?

Yes we are, but even courageous people RUN and HIDE when they HAVE TO!

Two examples:

David who even fought a lion and a bearand later Goliath the wicked human demon giant, he RAN and Hide in CAVES when persecuted by the evil king Saul dint he?

Was HE a “coward”?...

Jesus Christ himself the MOST powerful and COURAGEOUS man that has ever lived, RAN many times too!

And if HE is telling US to RUN and HIDE, are YOU going to debate that?

“Good luck” trying to win...because the only thing that you will WIN is your own DEATH!

And I don’t believe that MOST of those STUPID ones that will die, either in the hands of the Illuminati from May 2014 to May 2015, or at Armageddon in July 2018 will be resurrected again...just a “presentment”...

One man says in The Obama Deception documentary that with ALL the information OUT THERE about this, whoever DIES they DESERVE it!


Update 12-17-13

"We DO NOT see things the WAY they ARE. We see things the Way WE ARE."

The ONE. ;-)

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