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Thursday, June 6, 2013


See? I already have told the USA government that THEY ARE the Greatest Terrorists this world has ever seen.

The Twin Towers attack was already “mean to be” as in part of the satanic Illuminati cards. This One:

 But these COWARDS never lose, they always go ahead of the game as shown in this information on this image:

 The coward "cowboy" of George W. Bush was behind it, who always used Osama Bin Laden for his black ops in the Middle East, who had to be the “escape goat” at the end, and then when they cowardly assassinated him, they ALSO murdered the operations army officials involved in it!

That is HOW the “pay” their OWN people, SICK Bastards!

Exactly like their god satan does, but what they don’t KNOW yet is that they ALSO will be discarded…how you JUDGE and MEASURE others the same goes back to you.

Or like you Yankees say: “What GOES around COMES around baby!” AMEN, Aleluya!

But the BIGGEST “prize” that was supposed to be in the Twin Towers that day at 8:00 AM was “missing”..;-)

Lastima Margarito! And NOW you MUST wait a few more months for that suckers!

And WHO saved me from being there, the COWARD of satan?

Yeah right! In YOUR dreams buddy!

This is another proof that these human demons act the same again and again, they SANK the Titanic that was actually the Olympic for the SAME reasons, Insurance Money…and for FUN of course, what fun is you OWN the world and DON’T “play” with it?..

Remember that chapter when the Illuminati for sure in character of The Simpsons, Mr.Burns sold the power plant to the Germans and then REPENTED?...

The Illuminati Mr.Burns

Same here, money by itself is “NO FUN” at all…


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