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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kingdom of satan.....

This is satan's puppets the Illuminati agenda going FULL speed ahead in May of 2014.

These demons DON'T mess around with things.

What they WANT they WILL get it!

And Jehovah God and Jesus Christ will let them do it...for a reason, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE has a reason and a mission in LIFE!

Even THEY are making PUBLIC this now, since they KNOW that NOBODY and I mean NO ONE is going to STOP the devil and the HELL that's is COMING!

Better WATCH OUT guys!
Updated video on 11-5-14:

(The previous one was blocked by Youtube)

When it comes and it WILL, PLEASE don't say that YOU "did NOT know" about it alright?...

Better RUN and HIDE before that time!


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