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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Low numbers...the solution?

The Illuminati CLAIM that the world “solution” to its problems is a radical reduction in population…could it be that?…hum, a difficult one…

Ok lest go to the beginning of humankind when there were only 2 people, Adam and Eve.

The woman SOLD a LIE and hence herself out through her beautiful for sure body “enchantments” to her husband, after all she was PERFECT, so like someone I know says when seeing a beautiful woman, Ola la!.. so OBVIOUSLY, WHO could RESIT such beauty!

And the end result, she deceived his husband…100 % rate of CRIME right there.

Then Adam who is not without guilt on this, he CHEATED on His Creator and preferred the Adulterous and EASY woman so to speak…what he was thinking for God’s sake, didn't he have more ribs left!?
Cheating rate 200% because BOTH were cheaters on this.

Then lest DOUBLE the population, Cain who killed his brother, out of 4 people, 25% MURDER rate…
And I can go on and on, but if you read this blog is because you are pretty SMART and get the point right away!

I don’t believe that kinder garden children read this one…

Ok so they say that 500 million people on earth will make it “right” this time around…oh man MAYBE this time they are “right”! Could it be? After all they are NOT stupid people are they?…

Oh it’s maybe like when the Titanic was sinking (that THEY sank in purpose by the way…to receive the Insurance money later…) when the “good” wealthy super rich guy said that not they “better” people would drown…only the “fools and poor” then for sure deserved to DIE…he did not say that in the movie obviously, but it was not need to say it straight and “cold turkey” like that.

He was English and I AM Mexican, and most of us SAY the thing like they ARE!

Ok lest forward the movie from Adam and Eve to 1776 when they were transformed to the current name and structure (they come LOOONG way back since the crusades in the 11 century…the Knight Templar’s they were called back then...) , how many people were approximately living in 1776?

Some estimate that there were 800 million people alive at the time.

So was it “good” back then to be living in the world?

If it was so, THEY would have not done the United States of America WAR of Independence right?

Yes your USA “hero” George Washington was and Illuminati-Freemason too…

Shocking TRUTH?

All TRUTHS are like that let me tell you…

WHO “benefits” from this then?…someone MUST right, otherwise WHY some much effort and DIRTY work!?

The father of LIES and the biggest MURDERER that there is, satan the devil WHO happens to be the Illuminati “god”, and of this entire world too! 2 Corinthians 4:4

Yes I am STILL using the New World Translation Bible that is from the Jehovah Witnesses, who boot me out by the way...

Why then that one from the "enemy"? 

Because its the MOST accurate Bible translation there is until now, the third revision is from 1971...

Just like ME!

Same GOOD old wine baby! ;-)


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