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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fallen angels and the NWO...

I started to watch this video, I will write my comments later today...(if Jehovah God lets me live...), but it looks "good" so far if you can call good those demons that appear in it, like the 666 Obama mocking God and claiming that the USA Government (the worst evil one in history) is "better" than the God of the Bible...Jehovah!

We will see about that satan Jr.!


Update 10:33 PM the next night so to speak...

WOW this is SERIOUS stuff man!

I have to watch this in "chapters" because is too much to take at once! I have not even finished yet...

But so far I have these comments.


They do NOT exist, I agree is satan and his demons making such "appearances"a extraterrestrials, the very first time he appeared to me when I was 12 years old back in 1983 he did as as a white smoke...remember they can NOT materialize anymore, that power was taken away from them at the time of the flood in Noah's days.

But surely they can convert in "angels of light" like the Bible clearly says so like they do TODAY in such videos!


That is HOW they do it most often, I have seen possessed persons myself since I was a kid...NOT GOOD!

So if you are kind of susceptible to this kid of stuff FORWARD the video on that one.

The next 2 times satan has appeared to me, the second in March of 2010 and then in early 2012 was possessing he used the serpent as a puppet in the Garden of Eden to mislead our first fathers Adam and Eve.

Jesus the "same" as God:

One guy FALSELY claims that Jesus said that he was "the same" as Jehovah God, and that's "why" the Pharisees and Scribes killed him with "justification" because of his "blasphemies"....NOT TRUE!

He NEVER said that! In the contrary he said he was Gods SON, and he was doing his FATHERS will not his...

The 666 Green Card picture! (he is legally authorized to go to HELL amigo!)

No comments on that one your "honor"...:-) ( U.S. immigration Judge)

The satanic gang:

Here some of the most recognizable puppets of satan (Henry Kissinger was "sick" with diarrhea for eating Mexican tacos of "sua-PERRO", so he did not assist for the "official" picture...:-)).

George H.W. Bush the "official" puppet to sell the satanic New World Order idea and promote it to the entire world since 1990....

And then 2 members of the 3 sixes, Barack Obama Mr.666 and Vil (look it up in Spanish...:-)) I mean Bill Gates.

Pope Francis or whatever his REAL name is was in La Villita of Chicago the 666 city of satan, buying a fake I.D. and he didn't make it to the meeting on time for the pic either...probably Kissinger was contacting some "coyotes" via Facebook* to pass him undocumented to the Vatican via el CERRO too! :-)

Hard work guys! Been there done that, so YOU must "excuse em moi!" lol...

Hey, but thanks GOD we have Photoshop now, I can EASILY add them for 6 Mexican pesos each, and NOBODY will notice the difference! :-)


*Regarding FB, notice the 13 people all over the world in the welcome page...13 Illuminati satanic bloodlines families are BEHIND the NWO...SUCKERberg is in bed with the Bilderbergs satanic gang...

Google too is a regular Bilderberg group participant, and this is a Google blog!

But they wont remove it since I am their FAVORITE "comedian" for

These human demons OWN almost the entire world...his "god" really gave it to them...temporarily as he does ALL the time as in the 2002 movie Ghost Ship...

Its AM...WAKE Up People! :-)

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