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Friday, July 26, 2013

Tree of LIFE!

Want to KNOW where is the MOST important Illuminati-Mason satanic monument in the world?

Maybe is hidden somewhere in the center of the earth? The Antarctic...that COLD you are...

Or maybe in Egypt where the obelisks were “invented”?

They mean the erect “penis” of the false “god” Osiris...satan himself by the way...put my Indio BEERS there please, since you are still SUPER COLD! :-)

The Vatican, Washington D.C. itself? Wisconsin winter COLD

The 2 Luxor Obelisks in Paris MAY-be?

Close but NO cigar...

You are getting NEAR the tropic weather...but not quite there yet!

Come on buddy spit it OUT since my Buddy-wisers are MELTING of WARM! :-)

Alright here it goes:

Here it is: Parque Solidaridad, in Guadalajara Mexico!


Give me MY money back, this is a HOAX! Lol...

Hold on your horses buddy and SIT ON! TIGHT.

There was upon a TIME...lets make it Disney “MAKE believe” crap for SPECIAL effects and popularity shall we?

NAH, NOBODY believes in Santa Claus and Fairy tales anymore!

Ok enough of Bulls Disgusting Stuff...BS!

1977, I was 6 years old. 35 years will be 36 years by the time I finish and publish this.

The COWARD of satan FIRST murder attempt on me...sucker!

I have already written a few times about this “incident” also briefly explained here too.

But that does NOT matter now, since I am STILL HERE, am I not?

What it does though is the Greater significance of this place...

I went there last Sunday after all this time last...the place looks different from the one in 77...

For starters is a PARK now...before was a Dangerous Dam...Damn Man!

Most people know very little of the countless INNOCENT young lives that were lost there in the hands of satan...mostly “curious” boys that ended drowned there...

Believe me when I tell you that satan was PRESENT there in those DARK days...the lions mouth itself!

He is still...but in disguise of course like ALL cowards are before committing their despicable crimes.

Now you see kids accompanied with their families, and everybody very happy enjoying a good time and all the nice ATTRACTIONS there today...

Its almost sub-real...

I walked there ALONE this time, with NO cameras even...don’t need them. Those images when I was 6 are still FRESH in my mind like if they happened yesterday...

I sat watching the place that now is almost DRY...

I saw a young boy accompanied by a teenager, that EASILY crossed the Dam that I could NOT cross back in the day...he did NOT looked afraid at all...and I asked him when he passed by me:

How old are YOU?

He said :7.

I told him that I almost died drowned there when I was 6 years old...

He put a face like WHAT? How can that be possible?

Well NOT today, but in those days...

Anyhoo like Wreck it Ralph says :-)

Look at these pictures I retrieved online of that satanic monument that is in the park today...

This is the VIEW that the Illuminati-Mason of Benito Juarez statue gets of it...


See the 3 Obelisks, 5 satanic stars that holds them together?.....

The place is surrounded by 21 flag masts...7 times 3.

You can see them partially here: (some time in the weekend, I will go to take MY own pics...after all I am a Photographer! ;-)

And two rounded corridors surround the whole thing ala Rome-Greece style...

I WILL tear down that satanic monument in the flesh or in spirit when the TIME comes for if you work for the Minority Report Agency Jail me NOW! :-)

Of course that today that is impossible to do since the “god” of this wicked world protects it...satan himself. And his puppets now will too since “out of the blue” NOW it became “important” all of the sudden...

But WHY revenge from and uncommitted crime?

It was a TRYING and a GOOD one at that too...he does NOT mess around with these things.

And if it was NOT by Jehovah’s HELP and Protection, I would not be writing this today...

And it will be in the HONOR and Memory of the dozens if not hundredths of my young BROTHERS and SISTERS that DIED there...

When they will RESURRECT, and they WILL, ALL of them, they will make the best monument in the New World of Justice and LIFE...that will be repeated in the entire Earth...a Picture of them all together planting a TREE of LIFE!

The ONLY thing I may leave intact is this message in a wall there:

“En buen tiempo vinimos a vivir, hemos venido en tiempo Primaveral! Instante brevisimo, oh amigos. Aun asi tan breve, que se VIVA!-Nezahualcoyotl.

 In a good time we came to live, in a Spring time! (Guadalajara Mexico is known as the ETERNAL Spring city).

Brief instant, oh friends. And even so, it may LIVE!- Nezahualcoyotl.

And YES of course that I CRIED when looking at Ground Cero...I am not a heartless cold blooded satanic follower...


Update 9-24-13: 

Cesar Rubio, the IMMORTAL!

Cesar Rubio, The Fearless & True LIGHT!

Update 10-25-13:

Update 12-12-13:

Update 12-13-13:

Update 12-25-13:

10-El Arbol, The Tree 

El que a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija.

He who nears a good tree, good shade blankets him.

Update 12-26-13:

Update 12-28-13:

The Tree of Life and Teh Prophet (Me, The ONE! of Coors Beer!).

Guadalajara Symbol, a Tree with 2 Lions!

The Tree of Life, and MY Two Beautiful Sons D&A Rubio! ;-)

Update 1-5-14:

Update 1-16-14:

Update 2-3-14:

Update 2-7-14:

Update 2-11-14:

Pi’s Ark...

Update February 14, 2014: (24 Years from...THIS

Women: the CONCEIVERS of ALL Human LIFE!

Update 2-17-14:

ME: The Courageous ONE...

Update 7-10-14:

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