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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Promised Land...

Have YOU seen the Promised Land movie?

I have just finished watching it...

Wow, that is exactly what IS happening not only in the FAKE "promised land", the "god bless America" DIS-United States of America...and NOT only in that industry portrayed in the movie (natural gas companies and FARMING) but ALL industries...NO exceptions.

The solution?

Mass worldwide "depopulation"...MURDER of 6.5 BILLION human beings!

"GREAT", why I did NOT think of that before?...

Because I am NOT with the "global" Illumi-CRAP, I mean Illumi-Corp of satanists!

What is YOUR price?

Mine NONE.

Do you think I am the ONLY one that KNOWS about this evil plan?

Nope, I was not even aware of it last year...probably like you hum?

Then how come I know NOW?

Probably because I have the "connections" that Johnny Depp has...or the MONEY?...

You should see my Volkswagen Beetle 1995 I am driving! :-)

Nor the likes of Brad Pitt who SAID in 2011 that he would quit acting in 3 years time, 2014!

Do they KNOW something "we don't"?...

Nope, same thing as me it seems and that is because Jehovah WANT us to KNOW now...and ACT upon that information!

Home many DAYS until May of 2014?...count them please.

These evil doers since they KNOW now is not like satan told them "it would be" "eternal satanic New World Order"..they may want to make a SUICIDAL act...typical of COWARDS like them...wouldn't YOU agree?...

So instead of GIVING YOU one more year until May of 2015 to "wise up"...they may want to RUSH it ALL for May 2014!

How about that, nice and an act of "gentlemen"?...these SERPENTS are WORSE than animals...they don't have DIGNITY whatsoever...

So what are YOU afraid of for SPEAKING out and FIGHT them?

Of dying?...WE are already one year of 50 years, whats the difference?...

If you want to really LIVE, FIGHT for YOUR life and the ones you LOVE...NO ONE will do it for YOU...

Jehovah wants COURAGEOUS people...the COWARDS already belong to the "other little guy"...satan da devil.

What SIDE are YOU in?

Not only SAY IT, PROVE IT too!


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