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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A walk in the Park...

YOU don't have an IDEA what this park REALLY means...tomorrow I will tell MY Birthday present! :-)

YES I celebrate those NOW. 

After 30 years of brain washing of the Governing Body of JWs that they say are "bad"...

Are "Anniversaries" ANY different than Birthdays?

Didn't Job, probably the MOST JUST imperfect man that has ever existed, CELEBRATED Parties in the DAYS of their sons and daughters?...

A Birthday is a WINING date of VICTORY to be celebrated over DEATH, and over satan the most despicable COWARD and mass murderer of humankind...

Is a PERFECT DAY to tell JEHOVAH: THANK YOU MY LOVING GOD for keeping me ALIVE one more YEAR!

YES tomorrow I will be ALIVE.

And the NEXT day, and the next one...thus for an ETERNITY! (A.I. 2001 Movie, which happens to be MY Favorite of ALL time!)

I am IMMORTAL now. (A GIFT from HIM to Me...)


8 "simple" letters...

You Illuminati  COWARDS and puppets of satan, have enough money or weapons to BUY that?

I dint think so! :-)

Once more: 

El que Rie al ULTIMO, Rie MEJOR



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