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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Murderer Illuminati COWARDS!

Just watch this video..and THINK if it was YOU "the one biting the dust"...

More info here.

WHOM do YOU think OWNS and Controls Monsanto?

The Illuminati Garbage Elite (IGE), WHO else?

These bastards OWN half of the world by now...and obviously the MOST lucrative businesses.

They like GOLD, is the "cheese" satan puts to TRAP RATS like them!

Do you think that there is "NO punishment", for these despicable CRIMES they commit every single day ALL over the world in one way or another?...

You have to be NUTS to believe that!

Time is running out to start CUTTING OFF some PIGS heads!


A FULL documentary about these Genetically Engineered Illuminati Garbage :-)


Update 1:06 AM CST:

These illuminati IDIOTS are Genetically Modified ORGANISMS (GMOs), like I already said about the illuminati devil on the flesh here.

Imagine HOW sick these suckers are...when confronted the Henry Kissinger GARBAGE, that is their current "priest" of ALL of these demon illuminati puppets, he calls people: "you are a sick person"....well at least they are PERSONS not like YOU demonic organism! lol

Searching for the video...

Here calling people "self serving COWARD!"- My God do you have a MIRROR in your TOMB Tutankhamun junior?

How old are you, 666 dark years?

The Bible is RIGHT, there are "men" than can be 100 years old and still be IDIOTS! :-)

Here you can see HOW DIFFICULT is to get to these Living DEAD Zombies, that have DOGS watching their spinal cords at all times...

My hats off to these guys and to ALL other COURAGEOUS people doing this HARD work...someone has to REALLY FIGHT satan and his puppets right?

You can temporary "beat" us, but we wont go QUIET nor without a FIGHT either morons!


Update 8-6-13:

The 666 puppet of satan and of the illuminati "elite" garbage...

"Regards" the Agent 777, me AM! :-)

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