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Saturday, June 2, 2012

In just 7 days...

"For in just seven days more I am making it rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and I will wipe every existing thing that I have made off the surface of the ground.”-Genesis 7:4

Jesus said that as it was in the days of Noah it would be in the days of the Great Tribulation or the start of Armageddon. Jehovah was very precise with Noah into how to make the ark, and when the deluge would start and for how long it would rain.

But He did not tell him when it would all END, Noah had to so his own work to find out that, when he sent the doves to see if the land was clear of water or not. Genesis 8:8

But lest get back before even Noah was his grandfather Methuselah who was actually the man who has lived the most so far (969 years).

3 numbers...if you invert the two 9's it will make them three 6' not the number of the devil like many think, it actually means imperfection, whether 777 means perfection, and that precisely was the years that Methuselah son Lamech Noah’s father lived....interesting isn't?

I already mentioned the significance of the number 3 for Jehovah, so 3 times 6 means reinforcement, we are living in 2012, plus 6 years it will be 2018.

But also if you count from the start of 2012 (when this date was revealed to me by Jehovah), into the end of 2018 it will be 7 complete years!

An interesting note also, is that all of this account of the flood start in Genesis chapter 6!

Now, I do not know what day in 2018 all this is going to start, like Jesus said, it will come like a thief in the night...but for those who are not prepared, for the ones that are prepared it will be no surprise at all!

Just like it was a "surprise" (they were warned 50 years before hand) the start of the deluge or flood for the people in Noah's days, but it was not a surprise for Noah and his family nor they were unprepared.

Jehovah God told them precisely what to do, and when.

Now lets go to the design of the ark:

"Make for yourself an ark out of wood of a resinous tree. You will make compartments in the ark, and you must cover it inside and outside with tar. And this is how you will make it: three hundred cubits the length of the ark, fifty cubits its width, and thirty cubits its height. You will make a tso´har [roof; or, window] for the ark, and you will complete it to the extent of a cubit upward, and the entrance of the ark you will put in its side; you will make it with a lower [story], a second [story] and a third [story]."-Genesis 6:14-16

In only 3 verses Jehovah told Noah how to make it...

It was an "odd" design don't you think so?

Make a "box" ship? I am pretty sure that regular ships already existed back then...but none of them were this design that would resist probably huge waves!

The Bible account does not tell us that those huge waves happened, but if they had not happened other people would probably had survived too don't you think so? even grabbed to floating pieces like wood...just like many people tried to survive when the Titanic sank in 1912...

So back to present time, Jesus said that something similar would happen, it's kind of "odd" what Jehovah's plan has been revealed to me through out all my life isn’t it? (for 40 years now).

Go run and hide in the wilderness to be saved...why?

I already mentioned many time why this is this way, now the question is this: Will YOU listen to Jehovah like Noah and his family did, and prepare for what is coming? Or will you not listen nor obey?

You know what happened then to the ones that did not listened...and to the ones that did!

Please make yourself a favor and to your loved ones too, listen and obey Jehovah’s plan for may appeared "odd" at first sight but it is NOT!

If you have a "better" plan that this one of Jehovah, please let us know...

And just as Jehovah "remembered" Noah and his family in Genesis chapter 8:1, you will find out that His plan was right when He "remembers YOU" as well.

Jehovah and Jesus will send their "doves" (Angels) to the wilderness, to tell you that Armageddon is over, sometime around 40 months after Armageddon starts in 2018!


Update 6-21-12:

It seems that they are YEARS not months...just like Jehovah told Noah that the Flood would last 40 days, in this case are years, 40 of'em.


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  1. It seems that they are YEARS not months...just like Jehovah told Noah that the Flood would last 40 days, in this case are years, 40 of'em.