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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gideon and his 300 Men

This real story found in the Bible in Judges chapters 6 to 8, has more significance than ever for Jehovah’s people, and even more at the time of the Great Tribulation and Armageddon.

Who was Gideon?

He was a "Valiant Mighty One"- Judges 6:12

Jehovah chose him to be the savior of His people, the Israelites when they were being oppressed by the enemy, the people from Midian.

So Jehovah told Gideon to gather an army to fight them and so he did, 32,000 fighting men...against 135,000 of Midian warriors...

More than 4 to 1 ratio.

And yet Jehovah God told Gideon: "You have too many men"...WHAT???!!!

Why Jehovah told him that? Because if they won the war, they may think that they did not need Jehovah’s help to win.

So Jehovah tells Gideon: "Tell all men who are afraid to go back home". When Gideon does this, 22,000 of his fighting men go home.

That leaves him with only 10,000 men, to fight an army of 135,000 (13.5:1 ratio).

But listen! Jehovah still tells Gideon: "You still have too many men"...OMG!, what would be YOUR reaction?...

Jehovah tells Gideon to have the men drink at a stream of water, and to send home all the men who put their face down when drinking water from it...

Only 300 were ALERT and looking around for possible enemies attacks when drinking water, they did not kneel down and drank the water with their faces looking at the water, instead they grabbed the water with one hand and get it to their mouths while they were looking in all directions...

With only those 300 men, Jehovah gave Gideon the victory against an army that was superior in number: 450 times larger!

Why this is important for us now, and at the time of the Great Tribulation?

Because even though we will have Angelical protection, we must be alert at all times...and I mean at all times.

And even more than those 300 men, they had swords and were ready to fight the enemy with the same weapons they was an "equal" battle.

But in our case that wont be allowed, so it wont be a "fair" and equal battle for us. Jesus ordered us to not kill anyone...not even in self defense.

Remember what happened when he was been arrested? Peter cut off one of the soldiers ears with his sword. What Jesus did? He restored the ear to this men and told Peter: “Return your sword to its place, for all those who take the sword will perish by the sword. Or do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father to supply me at this moment more than twelve legions of Angels? -Matthew 26:51-53

That will apply in the persecution, and in the Great Tribulation too.

That is why he is ordering us to "flee to the mountains", to avoid being killed and kill others for self protection.

But like I said, even doing that, they will still go look after you!

So you will have to be alert at all times, no fires at night when they can be seen from a distance (unless in a cave or inside a tent with a "folding portable chimney", no hunting with fire arms that can be heard from a large distance either.

And when fishing or getting water to drink and use for other things like cooking and cleaning, in rivers and lakes (the enemy will be waiting for you there), do it at night like some of Jesus disciples use to do when fishing, or too early in the morning when is still dark...anyways, those times are the best times for fishing! (that's why Jesus disciples did it that way, because most were Professional Fishermen).

If you are going to plant vegetables and others plants like corn or beans (I like Mexican beans and tortillas:-)), "conceal" them like they do when planting illegal drugs in the wilderness...sorry, we have to learn how they do that...

Have a "low profile", when you do activities in the open, always clean after you and don't leave any traces that you were there...

What is the best "alarm" that exist? a DOG!

Have one with you, they not only can detect human beings and other animals, but also spiritual beings too (with the bad ones they bark, not with the good ones...they only look at them and follow them with tier eyes...always remember this, it may be very important at one point)...have you wondered why they bark sometimes when "nobody" seems to be present? Now you know...they can see what most humans can't.

They may even save your life if it comes to that point, they will attack your enemies (humans or animals), they are not "bound" by any rules other than LOVE for YOU, and they wont think twice to even give their lives to save yours...

They will also help you to hunt animals, and they are the "men's best friend"...

Even taking all those precautions (and others), sooner or later you or someone in your group will make a mistake (who wouldn't in 40 years?...) if you are surrounded by enemies, try to negotiate with them.

Tell them that you will surrender all what you have and leave for good, so they can take your "land"...don't fight for it.

Nothing is more valuable than your life...if they want to rape women on your group, don't try to fight them either, if you do it, they will kill you and still rape them anyways (they do that in the Mexican-USA border...). They may have their bodies for a moment, but NEVER their souls and hearts. So be strong, no matter what.

If they still kill you after you did all possible peaceful things at your reach, don't worry, if you remain faithful until the end, they will send you straight to the New World, or Heaven if you are an anointed one.

My dad says that he has this "theory": That if some one kills you and you are innocent of blood, they SAVE YOU...he is not so wrong in his theory at all!

And they kill themselves when they kill an innocent (that is my "theory")...

Even knowing all this, when facing it in real life, it wont be so "glorious" nor "poetic" as it is in a movie (word's from Hector in Troy (2004)) try to visualize in your mind what you will do when facing those situations...and it may be so. Whatever it is what you decide to do before hand, that may actually happen also when it happens in real life, if it does...

Remember that you are NOT ALONE! Jehovah's Angels can stop even a bullet, you heard me right, so even when you may think you are "lost", you are not!

Even if they don't do it, you may see them there with you to strengthen you, and your death will be "amortized" may not even feel the pain as it is "normal" for such cases, and after you say "good bye" to your body (your soul), you will see Jehovah’s Glory as a "Welcome Home" salute before you go to sleep for a "night"...if you are an anointed one, in a "blink of an eye" you will be transformed to Celestial life!

So no matter if you "lose", if you are in the RIGHT SIDE, Jehovah’s side, you will always WIN, always.

The losers are the enemy forces, as they even though may seem to "win a battle" temporarily, they will NEVER win the WAR. Never.

Jehovah is a LIVE GOD and will never permit that, nor Jesus our Lord and King that is a "reflection " of his father's JUSTICE and LOVE...and none of those beautiful an courageous powerful Angels that work with them (not for them as most people knows "slavery"...) will permit it either...they are the ones that will fight for us. They are prepared and trained for that, not us.

In a little bit over 1000 years NONE of the enemy forces will exist, not even one of them, including their despicable coward and murderer "god" satan the devil, and his same as him army of demons.

Always remember this words from the Gladiator (2000) movie:

"Brothers: What we do in life, echoes in eternity!"


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