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Monday, June 25, 2012

Jehovah knows how to deliver His people...

This is a “response” so to speak, or “my” take on last week Watchtower study on the April 15, 2012 page 22 issue.

It talks about 3 past examples in how Jehovah delivered His people before.

1-The Deluge or Flood on Noah’s days:

The article mentions that “timing was important”. They are right, Jehovah knew before hand when it would occur, but did not tell Noah when it would happen until 7 days before it actually happened.

He has done the same again, He has told me that in just “7 days” or years in this case, Armageddon and the Great Tribulation will break out...that happened in the beginning of this year, in January of 2012.

It does not necessary will happen after 7 straight years though, but in the period of those 7 years, or in the year of 2018. I don't know “in what day and hour” though, Jesus told us to keep praying that it will not come in the wintertime...or in other words that it will come in the “spring”, but if it comes in the spring on the north pole, it will be the fall in the south one, or it can come vice versa...

He also has indicated to me that it will last “40 days” too like, the period that rained in the Flood, but again in this case it will be years, 40 years of Great Tribulation.

Like in the case of Noah, He has being in “communication” with me (trough Visions) my whole life...for 40 years. He told me in 1990 how the Great Tribulation will start and what to do also...

Which is flee away from people, and the army forces...

So as it was in the case of Noah, He waited decades with me also to reveal in detail the whole plan and give an exact date: 2018-2058.

He may shorten those “days” (years) like Jesus said...for the love of the chosen ones. But we should prepare for 40 years nevertheless...or even longer if He decides to test our faith even further...

When Noah received the commission to build the ark, only 40-50 years remained until the Flood or Deluge broke out, He sent me for my commission 40 years ago, when I was this is kind of "identical" also, so to speak...

The article mentions that Jehovah is a “Time Keeper” and a Deliverer.

Jesus said that as in the days of Noah, the Great Tribulation would be also, so those words are exact too!

Would you compare both periods, if this time around Jehovah would not reveal those details in exactitude too?

No, Jesus would be “lying” or some how "incorrect", but he is NOT!

He also mentioned that “when you think” that day will come, it wont. That already happened many times, 1914,1975 and even before 1914...and other “attempt dates” in between.

All were wrong, but this time this date is NOT.

Jehovah can not lie, and he would not leave His people “unwarned”...that’s why those other attempt to find the date were given...

Now since all those past attempts failed, Jehovah’s Organization is reluctant to give any more future dates...and since they base most of their speculations in: “let the scriptures interpret scriptures”, well this date “wont fit in” with them very well, since it uses some “external” information (like Pi for example)...

Jesus said that the messenger (me), would deliver new information of the things coming...some of them not found in the Bible whatsoever...

Not even the date of 1914 is found in the Bible, does it? Nevertheless in that year is when Jesus was put as King on Heaven.

2-Delivered at the Red Sea:

Jehovah used unlimited power to deliver His people from the Egyptians when they were FLEEING EGYPT, He will do the same at the time of the Great Tribulation. He will “take down” all the World's satellites to make the persecutors “blind”, like He did with the “pillar of cloud” between the Egyptian army and the Israelite at the Red Sea.

He may destroy them completely, or maybe just partially (they could be used later too in the New World at first...or even in an advanced time during the Great Tribulation as well to further test Jehovah’s people, sending "radio" signals and others to tell them "peace and security" is "over" will be a tramp).

Like He did with the Egyptian army before, the World's army forces will be in “confusion” at the Great Tribulation too because they will be “blind”, and trying to control all the desperate and horrified unprepared people...that is what I saw in the Vision of the start of Armageddon in 1990.

The sky was full of planes like in an “erratic” not well controlled formation for battle...imagine how would be to flight without radars and control towers detailed instructions!

So while the army forces in the ground are busy trying to control and direct people to “safe places” when you will have the chance to escape to the wilderness! (that is part of the Vision too).

And after the Israelites were delivered from Egypt, how many years passed before they entered the “Promised Land”? It will be the same amount of time this time around too, 40 years.

3-Escaping Jerusalem destruction:

The escape of the Christians in 66 C.E, PRIOR to the 70 C.E Jerusalem destruction...

They followed the Instructions given by Jesus in Matthew 24:15-22, and that is what I have mentioned many times before too...

Note in Matthew chapter 24 verse 21, that He mention: “The Great Tribulation, such as has not occurred since the World's beginning until now, nor will occur again”.

So those instructions are for the GREAT TRIBULATION too, not only the siege of Jerusalem since there have been worse destruction’s after that one...or even before it.

The early Christians recognized the time to flee when the Roman armies arrived in Jerusalem to quell a Jewish rebellion...since this time Christians are all over the world, this “signal” will be worldwide...

The “outer space” attack by Jesus and His powerful Angelical army to the World's satellites, and even to the Space Station (I would not like to be there in 1918!)...that will be the signal for YOU to RUN!

Jesus told his disciples to leave behind their material possessions, YOU will have to do the same, except from the necessary most important items for survival in the wilderness and other important documents.

In paragraph 16 of the magazine article it mentions that Christians (ALL of US true ones) will need to heed instructions from God's Word (I am outlining those here) and from His organization...

But that latest part seems kind of difficult for me at this time, since even tough they mention that they don't know yet how our “flight” will be and it remains to “be seen*”...and point out to a Watchtower May 1, 1999 page 19 article.

That article mentions this on page 19 paragraphs 22-23: (I have already mentioned some of that in a previous post)

We cannot presently have full details about the great tribulation, but we can logically conclude that for us the flight Jesus spoke of will not be in a geographic sense. God’s people are already around the globe, virtually in every corner. We can be sure, though, that when flight is necessary, Christians will have to continue to maintain a clear distinction between themselves and false religious organizations. It is also significant that Jesus warned about not going back to one’s house to retrieve garments or other goods. (Matthew 24:17, 18) So there may be tests ahead as to how we view material things; are they the most important thing, or is the salvation that will come for all on God’s side more important? Yes, our fleeing may involve some hardships and deprivations. We will have to be ready to do whatever it takes, as did our first-century counterparts who fled from Judea to Perea, across the Jordan.

We must be certain that our refuge continues to be Jehovah and his mountain like organization. (2 Samuel 22:2, 3; Psalm 18:2; Daniel 2:35, 44) That is where we will find protection! WE WILL NOT imitate the masses of mankind who will flee to “the caves” and hide “in the rock-masses of the mountains”—human organizations and institutions that may remain for a very short while after Babylon the Great is desolated. (Revelation 6:15; 18:9-11) True, times may get more difficult—as they would have been in 66 C.E. for pregnant women who fled Judea or for anyone who had to travel in cold, rainy weather. But we can be sure that God will make survival possible. Let us even now reinforce our reliance on Jehovah and his Son, now reigning as King of the Kingdom.

-Those capital letters are what worries me the most, like I already mentioned of a Vision when one of Jehovah’s beautiful Angels appeared to us that were in a CAVE to tell us to get out, that Armageddon and the Great Tribulation were over...

So I think it will be very difficult for the Governing Body to accept Jehovah’s instructions, since He did not use them directly to reveal His message...

Would their pride form a “pillar of cloud” and blind them like it was for the Egyptians and Pharaoh (they even saw the Red Sea opened in a miraculous way by Jehovah, but their PRIDE blinded them), and they will be reluctant to see clearly and accept that I am Jehovah’s messenger for these instructions? Or they humbly will accept Jehovah’s direction, and give the “ok” and “signal” for the rest of Jehovah’s people?

Most of Jehovah’s people wont accept any other “order”, if its NOT given by the Governing if they fail to give the signal, all that blood will be on their heads...not mine, since I AM passing my message to the whole World as commanded by Jehovah God (Noah did the same...).

They will have to apply in themselves the last comments on paragraph 16 of that magazine study article: “How do I respond to instructions that Jehovah provides for His people now? AM I quick to respond, or do I hesitate to OBEY?-James 3:17

They are right in paragraph 18 which is the last one, on this statement: “Jehovah KNOWS HOW to deliver His people. His purpose cannot fail, victory is certain. To share in that glorious triumph, however, we must remain faithful to the END.”


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