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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Great Cleaning...

Since the Great Tribulation will last 40 years, it seems that it will be after the initial battle of Armageddon in 2018, then the first survivors of that (good and bad) will have to face the Great Tribulation...until 2058 (hopefully Jehovah will shorten the "days" of it...).

It will be like those after "Apocalyptic" movies where survivors fight with each other for survival...(it wont be like that for Jehovah's people, since they wont fight anyone but themselves individually, their "inner selfs"...)

Actually Armageddon could be also called World War 3...most people will kill each other after the initial World Wide Armageddon battle...and then after the 40 years of Great Tribulation, Jehovah, His son Jesus and their powerful Angels will strike down the remaining wicked ones.

But why so long?

It will be a period of test and cleaning process, just like it was for the Israelites before entering the "Promised Land".

Jehovah want the remaining survivors to be "refined" in all aspects, physically, mentally and spiritually, and that can not be accomplished with an "easy life" as you may have it now.

That "purified" people will welcome and teach their experiences and Jehovah’s "ways", to all the resurrected ones that will be brought to life in the New World.

Do you think that with only "preaching" the Good News and attending Biblical meetings you will be saved? No, your own faith will have to be proved to the maximum.

Now we are in a spiritual "paradise", we go to meetings and to the "field service", enjoy our brothers and sisters friendship and the time of the Great Tribulation we will do that too if we prepare as a congregation for a escape route...or if we do it separately (more wise to it this way) and find each other later.

And you will learn what "field service", really means to all it's extent...

No junk or "processed" and grew up unnaturally food (most modern human diseases come from that), no lazy habits of the easy life and comfort that living in society gives us right now.

No super markets to go and buy your food, you will have to go and get it or grow it yourself, and prepare it.

No TV, just pure live action "TV shows" about survival. No video games, only regular "live action" toys, as most of our generation grew up with (before the 80's video games "craze").

No internet addiction, no "social networks" where people even in the same house chat with each other through the internet, No Way Jose! just pure face to face interaction there.

All those bad habits that this wicked world of satan has "taught" us, through out our lives will be a thing of the past.

Would you agree that this Jehovah’s Divine Plan of salvation is not the best one?

If you think of another better one, please let know Jehovah first that He is "wrong", and then come back here to tell us YOUR plan please...

I would call the Great Tribulation, the "Great Cleaning" instead...

And after you clean yourself, you will be ready to clean "the World", all the remaining material destruction that Armageddon and the Great Tribulation will leave behind...

Why would you think that nobody will give sepulture to all the dead in Armageddon and the Great Tribulation? Because you will be hidden...

That cleaning belongs to the "eagles", just like Jesus said...

Does this "puzzle" starts to make "sense" to YOU?

Everything is written in the it and meditate CAREFULLY in Jesus words, and other prophets that were under Jehovah Holly Spirit when they wrote and said things...

Pray to Jehovah, so He can OPEN YOUR "EYES"...that lead to your HEART!


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