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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why Armageddon must come...

Are YOU having a "good time" in this world? You don't want it to end?

Please see these pictures:

Even these two:

The two on top are very clear aren't they?

But the ones in the bottom may be misleading...

The very first in the top I just saw it yesterday, and it made me cry so much...

How can something like that be happening and we don't do anything? At least TRY to stop that you know, we wont change the world but Jehovah sees our hearts and motives. How can we be siting at the end of Armageddon waiting to be judge and then they show us those pictures again...

What can we say if we didn’t do anything? Are we going be worth of forgiveness?

BTW, those are the most beautiful legs I have seen in my life, and the most pure too.

I've already mentioned that I know Jehovah since I was 12 years old, back in 1983. But why I waited to get baptized 16 years, until 1999?

You probably wont believe me, but I was ashamed that people would see my skinny legs at the time of my baptism, since I was a teenager some people made fun of me because of that, even now when I am 40 years old and more "robust" some people just sees them and laugh...

Would you laugh of that poor kid in that picture?

Or would you cry?

If you do none and are "neutral", then maybe you are worse than if you laugh...

Is horrible what we humans sometimes do to other humans...if I was not one and had not seen these things myself, and someone would tell me what humans do to others, probably I would not believe it...

We can not be "warm", either we are cold or hot....or we will be rejected by Jehovah God. Revelation 3:15

if we say that we love Him and his son Jesus, and we do nothing for our human brothers, would that be really true?

Would you have to explain in a lengthy letter why you did not do anything?

Not only learning and preaching the Good News is required to be saved, but doing what is right, and avoiding what is wrong.

And there is nothing more wrong in this world than what you can see in those pictures.

Whom do you think is more precious in Jehovah’s eyes? some one that is having a "great party" and ignoring not only HIM, but also their human bothers sufferings and calls for help? or someone that cry's out for His help, even if they do not know His name?

Do you think that your life is worth more than 25,000 children like those, that die every single day because of hunger and poverty?

At the time of Armageddon you may starve to death of hunger like them too...would you like Jehovah to ignore you like you probably do to them now?

I already told you what to do, if you are rich give as much as you can to those poor children, that may just save YOUR life too at the end.

Even if you are "poor", give a percentage to them as may be giving MORE than a rich person. Luke 21:2-4.

And what is wrong with the 2 pictures on the bottom of such a beautiful and "healthy" baby? Her name is Avery and she died before reaching 6 months of age...

She was the one that made me release this important information to everyone...starting with this post.

So she did not died in vain, we all owe her a lot...and I know that I will see her again alive in the New World, she will be very surprised what role she played in all these of Jehovah’s plan.

I may be blessed enough if one of my 2 boys marry her when they all grow up there...


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