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Monday, May 28, 2012


Therefore, when YOU catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,) then let those in Ju·de′a begin fleeing to the mountains.”-Matthew 24:15,16

I already mentioned this versicle, but I am doing it again given the importance of it.

Those are words from our lord and King Jesus Christ, just by that we must obey them. He and Jehovah knows better what is best for us.

But given our human imperfection and the fact that we sometimes want to “question” things as to why they are the way they are...lets try to “deepen” in to why Jesus command us to do that at the time when Armageddon starts.

Jehovah has permitted badness (at some extent) to happen to the human race for over 6000 years now, why?

It has a reason too. First to prove once and for all that the devil is a liar and and inept as a “god” and “king”...he lied to our first fathers and led them into a path of disobedience and “independence” (nobody can be truly independent from Jehovah and can keep living indefinitely ...) from Jehovah's love, guidance and protection.

Also that has served as for Jehovah God to see what is inside people's hearts that claims to love Him and serve Him.

That happened in the case of Job...

In modern days Christians needs correction too, just like a loving father would administer correction to his children that he loves so much.

At time of the Great Tribulation and the period of Armageddon, we will show what is truly inside us, what we are really “made of” so to speak.

Society as we know it although not totally dismantled by then, it will be in a “chaos” mode just like Jesus foretold...a period like never before humans had experienced nor will experience again after that difficult time.

Even Jehovah's terrestrial Organization will be set “apart”....everyone will be on their “own”...on their own Faith that is.

If YOU really love Jehovah and trust Him with all your heart, you have nothing to worry about.

But if you are the kind that goes by only by the “looks”, oh boy you will be in deep trouble!

Do you expect to happily getting out of Armageddon while everything burns to flames in the background, as some of the Society illustrations points out that it might be?

Sorry to be a party ”popper” but that won't least not that easy my friends!

You must prove to Jehovah and Jesus that you really deserve to pass alive into the New World! That is a privilege that not all had/have the opportunity to have (not even me, now a days that I failed too truly obey Jehovah’s word 100 %...)

At that time there wont be “congregations” that you can assist to, nor Bethel (it will be desolated for sure), nor any “privileged” Christians in Jehovah's Organization...(at least not physically that we can see....only hear...).
Every one will be the “same” at the time, as we really are in Jehovah’s and Jesus eyes.

That is precisely why they chose me, I was not even baptized when I had the 2 Visions of Armageddon (but I loved them deeply for 7 years already at the time).

Would you treat differently an anointed and an non baptized publisher?

If so, then you are wrong and must change your attitudes.

Even a disfellowshiped one (one expelled from the Congregation from wrong doing) that is really repentant from his/her former bad practices, and wants to return to Jehovah ways again must not be treated differently.
Jesus already told us the parable of the prodigal son....did the father say to the son: ok got it, you learned your lesson, but I must make sure that is truly so, so wait there outside (his love an help) 6 month to a year and then little by little I will “trust' you again?
Did that happen? NO.
He intermediately embrace his lost son and made a party to celebrate his physical and spiritual recovery! (that starts when people really repent, and asks Jehovah for forgiveness privately first).
Who was actually opposed to do this? The jealous brother...
Do you think that that particular lesson from Jesus does “not apply” for this case?
Then tell me, when it will truly apply?

So dear brothers, lets not be like the jealous and (bad to some extent) brother, lets forgive us our sins intermediately (when truly repentant like in this case), just like we expect Jehovah to do so with our own sins. Luke 15:11-32

Lets not be “judges” too severe, as to forsake compassion first (read the Good Samaritan parable too in Luke 10:33-37).

He did something “forbidden” by the law...but not by Jehovah's and Jesus law of love and compassion!

Before we enter into the New Order, we must correct these bad tendencies, other wise we may carry them into the New World, and hence “contaminate” it immediately!

We don't want to do that, do we? To carry some of the the bad attitudes that brought the destruction of the former world in the first place!

Everything you do in Jehovah's service if is not done by good motives, which are deep love for Him and your Neighbor, (any kind not just “especial” ones) then is not acceptable...not matter what “greater” things you do...

So yes Armageddon will be also a great opportunity to refine us as good Christians, we have a saying in the country I was born (Mexico), “There is not bad that for a greater good does not come for” (No hay mal que por bien no venga).


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