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Monday, June 4, 2012

Armageddon survival expert?

You want to become an Armageddon survival expert? (or just to know basic survival stuff)

I think I found the right place in The Survival Podcast Forum!

Dedicate more time to learn that now, than almost anything else!

But do not abandon your Bible study or preaching work of course...

Instead take time from your other "social internet life" time, to this very important subject.

You only have 6 years or so of "school", before you can "graduate"!...

Just like the years of elementary school, pure coincidence? I think NOT!

I have just started a dedicated forum for us Christians, to discuss just the most important and what only applies to Armageddon, in our new Armageddon Survival Community! (Google Plus Community)

*Updated on 12-12-14.


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