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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

7 Months.......

Ok guys, YOU have 7 months to put YOUR House in Order...until May 1, Sayonara Day for the FOOL "Virgins" that did NOT get WELL prepared!

Its about 210 Days...

WHERE I have heard that # before...hum this "forgetful" brain of mine that "betrays" me with such a BAD Memory! ;-)

The beginning of teh PLAN, MAY Fail!

And they MAY decide to FIRE ALL the BOMBS at once!!!!!

Since YOU can not count much, nor TRUST 100% Bipolar people can YOU?

I AM Bipolar, I said it before (I am an HONEST, nor perfect guy Okey Dokey? ;-)). Its here in MY Book about Stereoscopic 3-D Cinema...

But the "SAD" thing too (WE ALL are Screwed Warner Time, I mean BIG Time), is that the dis-i-lluminati BASTARDS, satanic MANIACS are way worse Plan B-i-Polar than me!

I am an "amateur" regarding this in comparison to that satanic manipulated GARBAGE, believe me!

So YOU better start moving YOUR A$$, as of TODAY-Pronto Baby!!!

Crunch Time, Crunch Time!

Otherwise when that time arrives, the BIRD Catcher will have ALL exists CLOSED!

This is my 365 post in here, the SAME as there are Days in a YEAR.

If you STILL "don't get it" with ALL info presented here, NO ONE, nor NOTHING will help YA.

NOT even Jehovah GOD, or Jesus Christ His BELOVED Son (and MY King), CAN take away FOLLISHNESS from certain LOST Cause People!

Thuis is MY Last post in here.

I SEE YOU on the "Other Side":

Video Updated on: November 9, of 2014

Armageddon Messenger.


  1. grande blog. sei magnifico, una tua amica di Roma..gioia sempre

    1. Google Translation: great blog. six great, your friend in Rome .. joy always